Here’s Each Myers-Briggs Type’s Recipe For A Perfect New Year’s Eve

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The sharp crack of the first firework. The flicker of a tea candle on a white tablecloth. A crisp bill left of the smooth marble of an upscale bar. The iced condensation of a cold martini glass.


A burst of multicolored confetti. The sound of laughter pouring out of a pub. Splitting fries with your friends while sitting on a curb, watching live music play across the street. An amazing Snapchat story.


The first tick of the New Year on a wristwatch. The buzzing neon glow of a 24 hour sign in the window of a takeout restaurant. The foam of a dark Guinness beer spilling over onto the bar mat. Miscounting the seconds to midnight, laughing and starting over too late.


A sparkling crystal glass of champagne. The graceful, arching curve of cigarette smoke curling into the night sky. An Instagram caption worded and reworded carefully, still not perfect. The innate promise of bedlam, of a chaotic spark ready to burn the new year into something exhilarating.


Watching a city celebrate from the roof of a skyscraper. The sound of footsteps echoing off a silent street. The heft of the thick dark glass of a fancy bottle of champagne. The silver of the stars breaking through after being obscured by the dark smoke of fireworks.


The sparkle of a sequined dress. The slip of an empty shot glass out of your fingers. The heat of a stranger’s mouth on yours. The blinding flash of a spotlight.


The heat of your breath clouding the crystal-clear night. A freshly completed phone note, full of New Year’s resolutions. The blush of being caught talking to an attractive stranger when the countdown begins. A custom Instagram filter.


The muffled sound of a baseline emanating from a club. The burn of strong perfumed alcohol. A successful dare, barely spoken, but honored. The edges of the sky fiery with the first taste of morning.


Straight whisky, served without ice but with a garnish. The sense of finality of those last few hours of the year, sometimes encouraging acts of wild abandon. The glow of a taxi cab meter, more familiar than the streets. Making the DJ play a song a second time, but this time, not the remix.


A fortune cookie fortune tucked into a jacket pocket. The feeling beyond weariness, where the edges of reality seem just around the corner. Singing Auld Lang Syne as the clock strikes midnight. A kiss, cementing the unspoken admission of feelings.


A crumpled map for the underground. Wandering a convenience store with friends at 2AM, laughing and joking as you shop for midnight snacks. The hypnotizing flash of police lights bouncing off nearby buildings as the cops direct traffic away from downtown revelry. Feeling young and unstoppable even as you celebrate the literal passage of time.


The refined clink of champagne glasses at midnight. A swipe of red lipstick, soon smudged. Watching fireworks explode from a balcony overlooking the city. The smoothly graceful whoosh of elevator doors closing, leaving the flatteringly clever shadows of the darkness behind.


The uneven sound of EDM. Converse worn with a dressy outfit. An extraneous smudge of eyeliner, perfectly forgotten. Darkened apartment buildings, interrupted only by the light from one window.


Walking towards a forgotten destination with friends, ending up shouting and laughing at a playground in the dark. The weight of someone laying their head on your shoulder. Strobe lights, turned psychedelic when they hit colorfully dyed hair. A fashionable cocktail with an extra straw.


The sound of a bottle shattering against cobblestones. A phone buzzing endlessly with notifications, the real-world expression of virality. The kind of fireworks show so gaudy you begin to get dazed, lost in the expression of so much power. Lipstick left on the rim of a highball glass, forgotten in the frozen moment.


The quiet that settles over a city in the wee hours of the new year as the revelers finally sleep. The feeling of hope for a new kind of change. The glasses that fit the year into the frames. An innocent kiss at midnight that promises something more.

16 Signs You’re An INFJ, The World’s Rarest Personality Type

INFJ, from the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator instrument, is believed to be the rarest personality type, and to make up less than 2{67b9dc46c2005a2d6d0dc9e883ab6bdb9c47365a25e8ad24adf59fc11de2db4a} of the population. Oh, and I am one.
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INFJ, referring to one of the 16 Myers-Briggs personality types, has become a bit of a buzzword in the media over the past several years. The reason behind it: INFJ is considered to be the rarest personality type, making up less than 2{67b9dc46c2005a2d6d0dc9e883ab6bdb9c47365a25e8ad24adf59fc11de2db4a} of the world’s entire population. They are labeled as “The Advocate,” and have been described as “mysterious,” “intuitive,” and “emotionally intelligent,” yet the type as a whole is often misunderstood.

Oh, and I am one. Perhaps you are, as well.

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator test, created in the 1940’s by mother and daughter, Isabel Myers and Katharine Briggs, originally stems from the typological theories of Carl Jung, a prominent psychoanalyst. The test assesses an individual in 4 categories: Extroversion vs. Introversion, Sensing vs. Intuition, Thinking vs. Feeling, and Judging vs. Perceiving, and using these criteria, determines which category one’s personality most tilts toward. INFJs would be those individuals whose personalities favor the sides of Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Judging.

INFJs can be difficult to spot due to the fact that they are not prevalent in society and tend to be reserved individuals. However, INFJs make fiercely loyal friends, empathetic and organized workers, and exceptional leaders for causes they deem worthy and for the greater good of humanity.

1. INFJs often report feeling lonely and “different,” and for good reason. INFJs are low in numbers so they tend to have trouble finding others who see the world in the same realm as they do. Most people who are this type have admitted feeling different from their peers since they were a very young child.

2. INFJs take an all-or-nothing approach to life. INFJs, a curious mix of emotional and logical, do not like to waste their time on anything inauthentic. Although they may dabble in playing the field, INFJs are truly about quality over quantity and will become disinterested in anyone or anything they perceive as being fraudulent, scheming or wishy-washy.

3. INFJs exude warmness, and others immediately feel comfortable in their presence. It is not uncommon for a stranger to sit down next to an INFJ and within minutes, disclose their most personal secrets, fears, and dreams. In fact, this happens frequently to INFJs with seemingly no rhyme or reason. This personality type has a knack for making others immediately feel at ease, and they are great listeners and trusted confidants who speak in human terms and meet others where they are.

4. INFJs are somewhat empathic, and they tend to “just know” things. One of my favorite one-liners from Game of Thrones is by the character, Tyrion Lannister, “I drink and I know things,” and this can often be said of an INFJ, with maybe fewer libations. INFJs have a highly-accurate sense of intuition that they have been sharpening for all of their lives. Without understanding exactly why or how, an INFJ will see, within minutes of meeting an individual, their true character. As a result, they tend to be more forgiving of their friends who exhibit unruly behavior because they can identify the true root of the behavior, such as insecurities or past trauma.

5. INFJs ultimately seek genuine truth and meaning. This personality type does not care one iota about grandiose tales or extravagant gestures if there is not a true and genuine motive behind them. An INFJ’s calling in life is to seek insight and understanding, and as they develop, they often can spot a lie or half-truth at a moment’s notice. If they believe an individual to be a phony or a manipulator, they will have no trouble writing them off. Likewise, this type often enjoys traveling, adventures and experiences that heighten their understanding of the intricacies of life and promote self-reflection.

6. INFJs are true introverts, yet people not very close to them believe them to be extroverts. This happens because INFJs can be social chameleons and have an innate ability to blend in in any social setting. The INFJ can be the life of the party for a night or two, showcasing their inviting nature and vivaciousness. However, this is never prolonged because, in introverted-fashion, they lose energy from others. Those close to an INFJ know that this type prefers bars over clubs and barbecues over balls, and can give a speech to thousands of people but cringes at the idea of mingling with the crowd afterward. Eventually, this type will need to retreat home for some quiet time to “recharge their batteries,” or they will become very on-edge and exhausted.

7. INFJs have intense, unwavering convictions, sometimes to a fault. An INFJ has certain ideas about the world and a need to foster change in society. These are deep-seated and intense beliefs that they will never abandon. If a career, relationship, or law does not align with their moral compass, an INFJ will have no qualms about ignoring it or leaving it in the dust.

8. INFJs tend to keep a small circle of friends and prefer to work alone.Although an INFJ may have hundreds of acquaintances, if they call you a “friend,” you can be sure that they mean it for life. This type can count their close friends on a set of fingers and they will be loyal and devoted to these prized individuals no matter how much time passes between their interactions. An INFJ can be a great team player but the idea of group projects and collaboration meetings naturally make them sink down in their seat. These are people who enjoy working from home or in a quaint office with a handful of like-minded coworkers.

9. INFJs cannot stand small talk. This trait aligns with the need to pursue truth and all things bona fide. To an INFJ, small talk not only takes energy but has little purpose as it is merely speaking to fill silence without revealing any deeper layers of the individuals involved. Do not talk to an INFJ about the weather unless you want to see a glazed-over look. Instead, tell them about the causes you are promoting, the wish-list of your soul, or the way you smile every time you smell lavender because it reminds you of your great-grandmother.

10. INFJs are typically high-achievers and people-pleasers. If you want a task done right the first time, hand it over to an INFJ. They will plan every detail down to the minute and will always deliver a glowing finished product. However, when delivering criticism to this type, do it gently, as they take every word to heart and are always striving for perfection. This type is a unique blend of a dreamer and a doer, but they can easily fall prey to extreme bouts of anxiety or depression centered on feelings of inadequacy or failure.

11. INFJs are gifted in language and are often creative writers. In accordance with their introverted nature, INFJs prefer to spend time alone and develop enriched inner-lives with many hobbies and skills. This type has trouble conveying their emotions verbally, so they turn to pen and paper. This, combined with their creative nature, leaves no surprise that the majority of successful writers are, in fact, INFJs.

12. INFJs make decisions based on emotion and insight. An INFJ judges the world around them and the people in it based off of how they make them feel. This type does not care about track records and performance history, instead, they look for the heart of the matter and how a person or company treat them personally. This type will trust their “gut feeling” about a situation and go with that, which has almost always proven to be accurate.

13. INFJs like to reflect on deep thoughts about their purpose and the world around them. This type is a thinker. INFJs are old-souls who spend a lot of time in their own minds reflecting on their purpose and the meaning behind everything that happens to them. They are often readers, researchers, and intellectuals who truly enjoy learning. Although this is a noble endeavor, it is essential that the INFJ has friends, typically of the extroverted type, who can help them to be less serious and relax every now and then.

14. INFJs are visionaries who always see the big picture. This type tends to always operate about ten steps ahead. They are skilled planners and focus their sights on the end goal and what is needed to propel them there. However, while INFJs are off in dreamland about their futures, they can sometimes forget to be present in the world that is happening now. As a result, they do well with other more grounded types who can remind them to live in the moment.

15. INFJs are “fixers,” and they gravitate towards people who need help. This type loves a good fixer-upper and with their ability to see the “good bones” of another person, their true motives and intentions, and to readily provide comfort and compassion, they fall victim to the Broken Wing Theory, or the idea that they can rescue others who have a “broken wing,” or who have been dealt a poor hand. This can be rewarding for the hopeful INFJ but also frustrating and depleting when boundaries are overstepped.

16. INFJs seek lifelong, true-blue relationships. This type usually finds themselves with intuitive extroverts, such as the ENTPs, ENFPs, and ENFJs. These types connect with the INFJ on the deeper plane of intuition, yet also will get the INFJ out of their own heads and out on the town on a Saturday night.

How Each Myers-Briggs Personality Type Would Behave If They Were Narcissists

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Anyone of any personality type can be a narcissist (someone who lacks empathy and exploits others). And certainly, one’s Myers-Briggs personality type is not the end-all be-all of someone’s personality, though it can give some accurate insights into one’s behavior and motives. There are many factors that play a role in how personality is manifested in an individual.

But how would each specific MBTI type behave if they were void of empathyLet’s have a look:

INTJs and INTPs as narcissists would take their rational side way too far. They would be the epitome of what we call the “cerebral narcissist,” using twisted logic to rationalize any mess or situation they’ve created. They would be prone to dehumanizing others all in the name of reason. Their logical side would be so overblown that they would fail to have any empathy for victims of unfortunate circumstances or crimes – including the crimes they themselves committed!

INFJs and INFPs as narcissists would abuse their power as changemakers and would be ‘covert’ narcissists – wolves in sheep’s clothing. They would take their perfectionism and ability to cut off relationships to the extreme by frequently ghosting people and criticizing them to the nth degree. Rather than using their platforms to help support the populations they serve, they might attempt to use them to feed their grandiosity.

ENFJs are natural born influencers and ‘teachers’ that would demand that their ‘students’ worship them. As narcissists, they may become predatory and cross boundaries with those they’re ‘educating.’

ENFPs as narcissists would always be seeking validation and attention from others. These would probably be the more ‘vulnerable’ narcissists of the group, using their relationships with others to hide their core sense of shame.

ENTJs and ESTJs are known for their bluntness, business acumen and ability to lead. As narcissists, however, their leadership would become a dictatorship. They would micromanage people and overpower them – not for the purpose of organizational efficiency, but for the purpose of feeling superior.

ENTPs and ESTPs are natural-born devil’s advocates, so as narcissists, this trait would be exaggerated in their ability to provoke and demean others. They would argue in favor of horrific crimes or blatant inequalities just to get a rise out of the people they’re debating with. They would be hypercritical and abrasive, as well as emotionally abusive. Their cruel bluntness would be disguised as, “That’s just the way I am.”

ESFJas narcissists would create enmeshed relationships and have no problem violating the boundaries of others. As healthy individuals, they are empathic and giving. But as narcissists, they would ‘give’ only to get back. They may give the bare minimum to people and demand the maximum in return.

ESFPs are socialites who tend to be the life of the party. As narcissists, they would create harems of adoring fans that cater to their every need and ‘get off’ on all of the attention they’re receiving. They love to be the center of attention and would be perpetual spotlight-hoggers. They are also very into aesthetics, so they may present as a more ‘somatic’ narcissist – someone overly obsessed with their looks and appearance.

ISTJs as narcissists would stonewall their partners, shutting down arguments even before they’ve had a chance to begin. They would be extremely traditional in the way they view things and use moralistic thinking to control others, all while engaging in hypocritical behavior behind closed doors. In the realm of work, they would gravitate towards careers in power – such as that of law enforcement – just to abuse their power and get away with it.

ISFPs and ISTPs are gentle as non-narcissists, but as narcissists would present as pessimistic misanthropes. They would be the ones constantly griping about how unfair the world is, how they’re always the victim and how they never get their fair share. They would work to underhandedly sabotage anyone who has what they covet.

ISFJs are generous to a fault as non-narcissists. However, as narcissists, they would present as the quintessential covert, shy and introverted helper with a hidden entitled streak. Although they will appear humble at the onset, make no mistake, they will be taking note of everything they do for you and any time they feel they’re not getting the attention or appreciation they deserve. They will lash out in a terrifying display of narcissistic rage if they don’t get what they want.

19 Boring Moments That Happen In Long-Term Relationships That Actually Mean Your Love Is Still Strong

1. You give each other career advice. You revise the email they’re about to send to their boss, or you help them update their resumé, and it’s because you care about their success. Boring, but the act is done with love.

2. You pick out furniture together. You plan a weekend to go couch shopping and you go to 5 different stores throughout the entire day to make sure you’ve exhausted all of your options.

3. You decide what color to paint your wall. You look at every shade possible and they begin to sound like beer drafts, “Should we go with Amber Ale or Raspberry Oak?” After 2 hours they all begin to look the same anyway.

4. You go house plant shopping together.
 You want something that you won’t kill, but also something that looks exotic and vibrant. You never thought you’d spend your Friday night in Home Depot’s garden section.

5. You never watch your favorite show without each other.
 It’s ‘Our’ show! Not ‘yours’ or ‘mine’ but ‘ours.’

6. You occasionally like to spend the night with each other rather than out with all of your friends. Sometimes you just want time to enjoy each other in the comfort of your own home, and not in a dimly lit bar where you have to scream at the top of your lungs to hear each other.

7. You fart in front of each other. More gross than boring, but it means the comfort level is there. When the love is strong, you kind of just let em’ rip.

8. You spend an entire hour talking about a book you both read. You argue about the cliffhanger at the end for the entire night.

9. You plan a day of the weekend to clean the house. Saturday is for sweeping. Sunday is for dusting.

10. You assign each other chores. ‘You do the toilets and I’ll do the showers.’

11. You fall asleep to nature documentaries. On the nights you’re too tired to have sex, you’re falling asleep to Netflix documentaries about little baby pandas or giant dragons in china that look a lot like alligators.

12. You can’t decide what to eat for dinner. There’s nothing more to say about this I think every couple can relate to this.

13. You get really excited about ordering your favorite take-out. You’ve been waiting all day for that Thai green curry.

14. You get really excited about the new season of your favorite show
 coming out that you’ve been waiting on FOR-EV-ER. You can’t even remember what happened last season it’s been so long.

15. You do DIY projects on the weekends.
 You designate specific weekends to build your own recycled barn wood dining room table. You’re both really excited to put those power-tools to use and to see whether or not the final product will look the way it did on Pinterest.

16. You go clothes shopping together.
 And you wait in the dressing room while they say they won’t come out because whatever they’re trying on looks terrible. And then you finally coax them out and tell them they look great.

17. You decide on which dog bed to buy for your dog.
 You both agree your dog needs something comfortable, but also something that goes with your living room sofa.

18. You get excited about picking out a new comforter for your bed. You’ve had that same comforter for ages and it will change the entire aesthetic of your bedroom when you get a new one.

19. You actually print out photos to fill those empty picture frames you got as gifts. Who gets photos printed anymore? You do when you have to decorate your living space with photos of how much you two love each other…and your dog.

Here’s Which Zodiac Sign You Need To Avoid Like The Plague According To YOUR Sign

joint in front of the mirror


Your narcissistic and sensitive personality craves praise and despises criticism, which is why you’ll probably crumble under Virgo’s high standards. Virgo isn’t afraid to bluntly point out when your breath smells bad or when your outfit looks corny. This may lead your bruised ego to hold a grudge against them and block their number from your phone.


You and the centaur are virtual opposites. Sagittarius is addicted to freedom, escapism, and idealism, whilst you’re more grounded and stubborn. When you’re discussing which restaurant to eat at, Sagittarius will reply, ”Whatever, I don’t mind” and this will grate your fastidious disposition. Why can’t they just decide on a venue?! Although people say opposites attract, you’re just too different, and these differences in values will eventually end up making your date super awkward.


Cancer’s constant temper tantrums and crankiness will wear down your spirited, restless nature. They just want to Netflix and Chill with you back at their apartment, whereas you’re itching to do something new and more exciting. If you don’t learn to compromise and give them a chance, this date can easily get boring for you.


Watching you and Gemini go on a date is like watching yourself fall down a flight of stairs in slow motion. It’s uncomfortable, embarrassing, and painful, even for the poor waitress who has to serve you during your supposedly romantic dinner. Try to be less whiny and boring, or else Gemini will fake a family emergency and flee.


Taurus is a down-to-earth and discreet sign, whereas the lion is more flashy and out-of-this-world. As you’re taking selfies with your date and posting them on social media, Taurus is secretly uncomfortable with how boldly you’re approaching this relationship. Your lack of consideration for others will, once again, hinder you from truly getting to know a new partner.


Damn, Virgo, you really are your own worst enemy. Dating someone who is identical to you may seem like a great idea, but if you go out with someone who is just as immensely cautious, prudent and picky as you are, then you both just might deflate from the lack of chemistry and abundance of complaints.


You’re all about the social scene and nightlife. Throughout the time you’re living it up on the dance floor, Scorpio will be sitting at your table, wondering why you’re gyrating against another person instead of falling head-over-heels for them. Hey, at least they can watch over your belongings while you enjoy yourself!


When you’re into someone, you’re into them deep. Which is why you’ll be puzzled by the Aquarian’s flighty and non-committed nature. You are possessive, while Aquarius is indecisive and hard to tame. They’ll cheerfully chat up strangers and forget you exist, leaving you to awkwardly stand in a corner of the room. By the end of this rendezvous, you’ll be left feeling inadequate and ignored.


You’re actually more alike Capricorn than you think! Both of these signs are driven, friendly and rational. However, what sets you significantly apart is that you’re optimistic whereas Capricorn is pessimistic. If your plans don’t go to fruition because you get a flat tire or lose your table reservation or step on dog poop, you’ll be able to shrug it off. No big deal! Capricorn, on the other hand, will sulk about it. Your cynical date will quickly get irked by your sunny disposition, whereas you’ll be turned off by their killjoy negativity.


The ram is way too wild and impulsive for your tastes, Capricorn. You use a slow-and-steady approach when it comes to discerning your feelings of attraction for someone, which may chase away vain Aries. You’re not one to shower people with random compliments until you’ve decided they deserve it!


Your and Pisces’ mutual interests in all things artsy and fancy will allow you to have an interesting date with loads to talk about! So why do you still feel as though you just want to go home? Pisces can be quite clingy and needy, and this will send your commitment-phobic self into panic mode. You wish they’d stop trying to hold your hand after just one date!


Dating a Leo means they’ll be spoiling you rotten, and this is something your sensitive and insecure side will greatly appreciate. On the downside, you’re more humble and simplistic than the proud fire sign. Self-assured Leo will try too hard to impress you, even at the cost of troubling other people, and this will rub you the wrong way.

The Brutally Honest Reason You Can’t Hold Onto Love, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

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God & Man


March 21st – April 19th

As an Aries, you are an extremist by nature. You are super passionate and intense, and you sure aren’t afraid to show it. When dating someone new, it’s easy for you to come across as being “too much” at times. The person you are dating is likely unaware of your passionate nature, so they misinterpret this intensity as being a bit neurotic, which could likely turn them off completely. You’re an “all or nothing” type of person in all aspects of life, and that certainly includes romance.


April 20th – May 20th

You can’t seem to communicate your thoughts properly. You have so much to say, but no idea how to actually go about saying it. And more often than not, to you, communication translates to yelling and screaming or not speaking a single word. It’s one or the other for you. You deeply struggle with finding a healthy means of communication with your significant other and it often will put a major strain on your relationship.


May 21st – June 20th

As a Gemini, you are constantly second guessing everything in your life. And that even includes yourself. In a relationship, you tend to go into a bit of an identity crisis. You lose yourself in the midst of holding a relationship together, and you start to resent yourself for it. You often project those deep insecurities onto your partner, making them feel uneasy about who you really are.


June 21st – July 22nd

Your warm, inviting heart is your best and worst asset, Cancer. It’s so easy for you to overreact to even the littlest, unimportant things. This usually is what turns your partner off from you. You’re highly emotional and tend to feel things very deeply, there’s no denying that. You are a passionate lover by nature, which is a beautiful thing, but too much passion right away can be overwhelming to others who don’t understand that passion. It drives them away.


July 23rd – August 22nd

As a Leo, your ego is getting in your way, once again. You have a difficult time letting go of things or moving on from certain situations that have occurred. If someone does something to turn you off from them, it is nearly impossible for you to recover from those feelings. You are quick to immediately write them off and then you’re already onto the next victim. You often don’t give people a legitimate and fighting chance to prove themselves to you.


August 23rd – September 22nd

You are a perfectionist by nature, Virgo. You expect a lot from your potential partner. You expect them to be perfect in every way possible, and you won’t settle for anything less. The minor and most insignificant details about someone will keep you from getting to know them on a deeper level. It’s no secret that you want the best of the best, so when someone doesn’t portray to be just that, you’re not into it. Virgo, you tend to forget that perfection, in fact, does not exist… And someone might just be perfectly imperfect for you.


September 23rd – October 22nd

As a Libra, you are far too focused on finding someone who that hits all the points on your checklist of the perfect lover. You’ve acquired a certain “type” of person that you tend to always go for over the years, and it’s become extremely difficult for you to step away from that. Often times you won’t even take the time to get to know anyone who doesn’t fit that exact type, and in return, you push away some really great people. The Libra likes to stick to the status quo, and anything other than that isn’t really worthy of your time.


October 23rd – November 21st

You have an undying habit of rushing things in a relationship, which drives your partner away. The Scorpio loves the idea of being in love so much that the instant it enters their life, they will cling to it. You desperately want things to work out so badly that you wind up ruining things before they ever have the chance to start. You want your partner to commit the same way you do, and if you feel like they are not, you are quick to lose your shit and immediately freak out.


November 22nd – December 21st

For a Sagittarius, the concept of commitment terrifies the shit out of you. The thought of being tied down to one person for the rest of your life truly makes your skin crawl. You are used to living for yourself and yourself only. And the idea of having to fit another person into those plans does not interest you in the slightest bit. You want to live your life to the absolute fullest, without having to worry about someone else. To be completely honest, a relationship isn’t really on the top of your to-do list right now. You want to keep exploring yourself instead.


December 22nd – January 19th

You have a hard time expressing yourself when you meet new people. You will often hide away in your shell and it may cause you to come off as being boring or snobby. Nobody really gets the chance to get to know the real you because you won’t allow them to. You come off as being quiet, unemotional, and straight up bland in a relationship. It causes your partner to get bored or uninterested and move quickly on. You just can’t seem to hold someone’s interest for long because you can’t open your true self up to them.


January 20th – February 18th

Even when you have strong feelings towards someone, you like to play it off cool and casual. You’re all about the casual dating scene and use the “no strings attached” approach. But, deep down, the Aquarius craves something real, but will never let those feelings be known. You come across as detached and unemotional. Which, ironically is the complete opposite of how you actually feel.


February 19th – March 20th

As a Pisces, you are far too picky for your own good. The smallest attribute about someone can entirely change your feelings about them. You’ve gazed through dozens of prospective partners, but a very number of them have been able to fit your unrealistic standards. Because in your mind, you’d rather be alone than settle for someone who doesn’t fit your starry-eyed expectations.

Ranking The MBTI Types By Who Is The First To Fall In Love

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God & Man


Your being sociable connects you with people in a deep way because you open your heart to them so widely. You’re an appreciative person so enjoying sweet gestures from someone makes you fall in love so quickly. Relationships are your world so a romantic one is something you can’t live without. You fall in love fast so you can move on easily as well. You have a charming aura to everyone right away so there are rarely chances that you’ll feel lonely.


You are oriented with excitement and passion. You love loving because of the butterflies it brings. You will jump headfirst into it and won’t give a second thought to expressing your feelings because you are that type who never likes to miss opportunities. Oftentimes you don’t even mind if that person has the same feelings for you. Fear won’t hinder you from falling in love, you’d rather satiate your heart’s longing for the enjoyment of romantic love.


You might be surprised you’re on the third spot despite being an introvert but you are a walking symbolism of emotion so you are wired to feel in a blink of an eye. Hence, falling in love is easy and quick for you, although you will not be expressive about it. In fact, your being reserved is what sensitizes you because you know you won’t pressure yourself to act on that emotion anyway. As an INFP, your mind is a factory of fancy imaginations and that makes you connect deeply with people in your own covert ways. One sweet gesture from them and that mind will start to wander beyond reality, romantically. Once you fall in love, you immerse yourself in its ecstasy and the more you enjoy it just within, the deeper your feeling goes. And sometimes, just keeping it within is enough.


You fall in love quickly out of your adrenaline. In a world full of deliberate patterns, you are the random. You are very expressive. Once you want something, you will get it—no matter what it takes. If you have a crush on someone, you will instantly consider it falling in love not because you naturally feel it, but because you want to feel it as soon as possible. You act on a simple liking right away and that’s why you also fall in love so easily.


You are a person of determination because you know exactly what you want and you will chase after it—including love. That’s what makes it easy for you to fall for people. When you are attracted to someone you will make ways to pursue that person and express what you feel for them even if it you have to make the first move. Even if it seems like you are in a rush. Your intentions are very vivid and so luckily, they usually fall for you too.


Your curiosity is what makes you fall in love so easily. A little hint of emotion and you’ll dive right into it. When you’re intrigued by someone, you’ll take risks to get answers. That’s why when you are interested in a person you quickly internalize the feelings you have for them, and seek affirmations from both internal and external forces. It won’t take you a long time before you realize you’re falling because you’re innately a risk-taker—you will just assume the feeling, and then you will need to affirm it. The greater the mystery, the deeper you fall.


You are also powered by curiosity but with more caution. You will not assume “falling in love” right away but your eagerness to learn eventually confirms it. You are more analytical when it comes to your inner investigations of what you feel because aside from satisfying your curiosity, you also want substantial results. Meaning, you are after a commitment when you fall in love, not just satisfaction. You want to be sure of that person even if you fell in love with them a little quickly.


You’re in the middle because you have this sense of seriousness when it comes to emotions. You restrain yourself from being molded by your emotions right away. Instead, you will slow down and make sure that what you feel is true and rational. You are a bit more practical than the extroverts above, but you definitely also enjoy the risks of loving and showing it right away. It’s just that you are restricted and it’s not just for your own sake but also for who you fancy. Commitment is important to you.


You are into long term dating because you want to know more about the person first before you confirm falling in love. Why? Because you love so lavishly. The quickness of your falling should depend on your counterpart. Are they worth your immense love? Are they going to reciprocate it? Your passion will either hinder you or push you in a snap. But despite their shortcomings, you will continue to pour your love out.

10. ISFJ

You are a selfless person that’s why it takes you so long to fall in love. Before you finally fall for them, you make sure that you are already knowledgeable about their needs and desires on how they want to be loved. You think so much about it that you are afraid to commit to them immediately because you don’t want to hurt them. Your being observant can also cause a delay because you are also after compatibility. You want to make sure that both of you can share life goals.

11. ISTP

You make sure that there is balance in the act of falling in love. You entertain the feeling but you offer them specific credentials in order for them to enter your life, because you aim for your love to be requited. You play with them just to check if they are really deserving of space in your heart by showing them your dark side. This gives you mixed emotions until you realize you have actually fallen for them. Nonetheless, it’s worth the confusion when it turns out they are your forever person.

12. ISTJ

You are into that friendship-turned-into-romantic-relationship scheme. You fall in love easily, but only with someone who you’ve known for a long time. There has to be consistency between you and a trust built over time. Also, familiarity is very important to you because you want to be very sure of your compatibility. You may have felt it even before you admitted it but you have chosen to clam up because you value a long term relationship. Traditional dating is quite a tool for you to determine if they’re the one. And often, it hurts most for you when/if you end up splitting.

13. ISFP

You try it hard to restrict your emotions for as long as you can. You can’t even admit to yourself you have fallen in love because you are afraid of being hurt as you are a person who loves immensely and truly. You don’t easily show off what you feel because you are a believer of soulmates which you can only find through serendipity. If they are the one, you will know it—that’s what you prefer to stick to. You are a person whose heart can be moved easily and that’s why you want to be guarded and unexpressive. The only thing you believe in is that true love waits, and it will just knock on your door at the right time.

14. INTJ

You are very logical. Your emotions can never control you. If you care, you care secretly but you will not allow yourself to just fall and go with the flow. You try to look every tiny detail of the potentials but of course, you are still willing to give in to it only if it fits your principles. It takes you time to fall in love because of your calculations and how you will take note of the future problems and solutions once you’re in it. So it’s not that you’re just a stone. You may not fall so easily, but when you do, you will find it hard to fall out of it because of the deliberate action plans you have made.

15. ESFJ

You are a conventional and realistic type of lover which is why you are picky when it comes to love. You don’t just fall for anybody instantly because you already know what you want, and it’s someone who can maturely share a life with you. You firmly believe in the give-and-take principle and you cringe at one-sided love. Since you already have standards, you would rather not fall but choosewho to love and that might take time. After all, you have that ability to really love hard.

16. INFJ

You have the highest walls because you are so independent. Yes, you still fall in love but you guard that heart because you know your priorities—and the main one is yourself. You want to pursue your dreams first before you allow yourself to be intoxicated by love. And your falling takes a person who is strong enough to eradicate your walls. You are not bitter, you are not too conventional, or feigning chastity, you are just a person who puts your ambitions first. You think not just twice but a billion times before you entertain your emotions. Falling in love is something you treat like a reward after your priorities have been ticked off. And when that time comes, your love shall flow like the strong, running streams—nonstop, all pure.

11 Traits That Are Unique Only To Empaths

Empathy is an amazing thing.

Who are the empaths? They are the people who are known to be quite skilled at understanding how another person is feeling at any given moment. They are those who are really able to put themselves in the shoes of others and fully grasp what they’re going through especially in compromising and vulnerable situations. They are also those who are really able to see the world through the lenses of others; the ones who are fully able to emulate the perspectives of others so that they can view the world in a more holistic manner.

The empaths are the people who are really good at reading between the lines. They are able to uncover the truth even when the truth isn’t so obvious to the people around them. They are masters at interpreting body language and subconscious behavior. They are the ones who are really able to grasp the emotional temperature of the room accurately.

Empaths are also typically very good at making people feel comfortable with them. They are so good at allowing people to just open up to them about their deepest emotions and most vulnerable feelings. They are the ones who are going to be able to make people feel safe and secure in their presence regardless of how long they’ve known one another. It’s a very rare skill to find in normal people, but it’s always found within empaths.

There are a few other traits that make empaths such unique and special human beings as well. Here are a few of them:

1. They are often labeled as people who are overly sensitive.

This is a common misconception that is attached to empaths. They are often branded as overly emotional or overly sensitive. And that kind of labeling is really unfair. It isn’t that simple. An empath isn’t necessarily overly sensitive. They are just really able to get in touch with their feelings better than most people.

2. Nothing angers them more than when they are being lied to.

It’s very hard to lie to an empath because they are so good at reading other people. They can almost always tell when a person is being dishonest and they hate it whenever they are being lied to. They see it as a betrayal of trust and a direct show of blatant disrespect.

3. They get easily affected by negative news and sad situations.

Remember that empaths are so skilled at relating to the situations of other people regardless of whether it’s a positive or negative circumstance. So whenever something bad happens to another human being, an empath can also be greatly affected by the tragedy as if they’re experiencing it for themselves.

4. They often get uncomfortable in a crowded setting.

When in huge crowds, an empath can get severely overwhelmed. They often avoid large crowds because there are just too many thoughts, feelings, and emotions within a closed space for them to handle.

5. They find joy and fulfillment in being able to make other people feel better.

They are inherently nurturing people. They find joy and meaning in being able to improve the lives and conditions of the people around them. Whenever they manage to make others happy, they make themselves happy as well. They find happiness in the process of making others happy.

6. It’s virtually impossible for them to change who they are.

Empaths are very reluctant to change – more so than other people. They find it very difficult to change themselves to suit the tastes and preferences of other people. They never feel like they have to adjust themselves just to be accommodated in the lives of others.

7. They always know and understand what you’re going through.

An empath is always going to get a good idea of how you’re feeling and what you’re going through in life. They don’t have to actually be experiencing what you’re experiencing for them to get a good picture of what’s going on in your heart. They only need to spend some time with you to know for sure.

8. They are deep lovers of animals.

Pets. Empaths always do well with pets because they are always in touch with all forms of life on this earth.

9. They are always emotionally drained and exhausted.

It can be incredibly draining to be an empath. Imagine having to bear the weight and emotions of the people you meet and encounter on a daily basis while simultaneously having to deal with your own baggage as well.

10. They always give great advice.

An empath is always going to be able to give sound advice when it comes to the matters of the heart. They are very good at helping people discover what they truly want for themselves and it’s always a good idea to seek their counsel. You would be foolish to not heed the wisdom of an empath.

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