Why Women Leave Men They Love: What Every Man Needs to Know

Why Women Leave Men They Love: What Every Man Needs to Know

We are often told stories of happy long-term relationships and their significance. Incidents and events make us realize that it is, by all means, extremely important for the husbands and their wives to take care of each other and consider each other their significant other who deserves genuine attention, love and respect in all spheres of life. Loving and supporting your significant other, not only in times when you are in a good mood or they are giving their best in every way, but also in times when they feel low or are unable to produce the abortive results at their workplace or with their families’ due to some worries or anxieties.

However, how many times are we being told about the significance of a husband genuine care and attention towards his children and especially his wife? Do you really think that there is no need to educate men that how crucial it is for them to show the respect, love and care for their wives and give them the required time every day which they deserve? Well, I do not even think, a debate needs to take place on this matter, for the answer is simple and clear; Yes, they must understand this matter and work hard on it, before it gets too late, and their thoroughly disheartened beloved wife, may one day choose to take a separate journey without the man, she loves.

Here are those 12 reasons which every man must consider before it gets too late.

#1 Share common interests and hobbies.

As time passes by, spouses may happen to change, too. It might be disappointing or heart breaking, but it is important to know this because it is in many cases proved. Due to this, it essential for both, husband and wife, to share interests and hobbies which are likeable to both of them. Why is it so? This is so because in the beginning, both of you shared the same interests and choices in most of the things which made you guys better connect with each other and gradually the relationship strengthened as time went by. Nothing mattered because both of you were on the same page, even of the world was not! However, if after sometime you do not give the required love and attention to your wife because one of you isn’t interested in each other’s choices and interests may adversely affect your relationship in the long term. A lot of husbands, in such scenarios, starts rejecting everything their wives does and expect them to be dictated in every way. You have to understand that this is not possible at any cost! She is a human, not your pet. This may make your wife upset and she may feel lonely at times, too.

#2 Effective communication is essential

It is not going to be a healthy sign for the relationship, if the man is reluctant in spending quality time with his wife. This is one of the most significant things that a man needs to understand and act upon it accordingly. It is essential for you to spend time with your wife every day when you come back from office or when you are done with your job of whatever kind it is. It is necessary for her to talk to someone about how her life is going, how is she doing with her job or with kids at home. She needs to bring all her tangled thoughts out at some time of the day, and if it is not going to be you, then who else do you think will she go to share her feelings? Whether, it is a husband or a wife, it is essential for both of them to understand this aspect of life form the beginning or else their relationship will deteriorate over the years. They would not feel for each other like they used to before. Blankly nodding your head when she is saying something or sharing something about her, won’t make you a hero, you have to pay proper attention to each and every word she is uttering. You have to do this by staying attentive all the time you with her, just like you are in office or with your friends! It is that simple, you know.

#3 Physical Intimacy is a priority

It is quite important to distinguish between lust and lovable physical intimacy. Lust never survives in the long-term. It does not give one the inner satisfaction and feelings of completeness that you want to have with your partner. It is and will always be, the power of physical intimacy that creates the lovable bond even stronger than before. Women do want to have a strong physical contact with their partners. It is just a myth that men only require that kind of love, women do, too. After getting worked up with their children at home and their office work, they do want to have someone in their lives who can show them that kind of exhilarating affection and love. They want to touch someone knowing that they only belong to them with all their heart and soul. Belonging to one, not in the sense of restricting the other person, but knowing that someone may treat them in a special way like nobody else in this world. Sharing such intimacy is crucial because it makes the wife feel being loved and taken care of. This may make a relationship better in the long-term.

#4 Do not be selfish!

Every person has some kinds of needs and requirements and likewise, we women want to be treated as our man’s foremost priority, where he gives us that attention and love which we know we deserve. Women, in particular, want to feel safe, complete, and important with her significant other. However, if their husbands are failing in keeping their promises and vows than they may become disappointed overtime. They will feel lonely and left out in their lives. They may lose a sense of belonging to their partners and may even, one day, want to leave him all alone, because she is not being taken care of. It is necessary for a man to give attention to his wife, like he gives attention to his office work, friends, Television series and what not! Start pondering over this now, for a better relationship in the future.

#5 Trust her always for a better relationship!

Trust in a relationship is just like that last brick which completes an edifice and lays its foundation. For experiencing healthy relationship in the long-term it is crucial for men to have complete faith and trust in their wives whether at home or outside. Always feeling insecure and doubtful about her actions may make her feel exhausted and pressurized all the time which may deteriorate the quantity of a good relationship. Dictating someone continuously or restricting the other person by feeling insecure about what they are doing, why they are doing so and with whom are they spending time, may discourage them to stay with a man like you any longer. It is important that a man trusts his wife completely in order to show her through abortive actions that she is being loved and trusted because she deserves this treatment every day. She will become even more committed to you and your needs if you treat her like this every day.

#6 Truthfulness is the key to understanding each other well.

Honesty is an integral part of a strong and lasting relationship. It is important characteristic that men must have in order to give their wives a reason to hold on to their relationship which is worthwhile. Lying to someone who is your partner for your entire life and to whom you confessed that you love her with all you heart is okay? Absolutely not. Being honest about whatever is happening in your life is crucial to win someone’s heart in the long-term. It is necessary for a man to share with your wife honestly and do not lie about anything at all. Building a bond which is long lasting, strong, positive and full of love and care is initially created by trust, and trust is created by remaining truthful in the beginning and in the end. What is the point of hiding stuff from your wife? If you do not trust her than why did you marry her? Why did you have kids with her? Do not be insecure or doubtful about anything with her. Talk to her if you have any problem and remain honest always because lying won’t help you in the long run!

#7 Give her personal space for good.

It is important to give your wife her personal and most important space. She needs that by all means. Every person, be it man or a woman, needs some time alone for having that kind of mindfulness in life which is necessary for every human. You have got to ponder over yourself and how you are doing in order to build a space for improvement later on. Also, when two people spend some time by staying away from each other, this makes them realize each other’s imprudence with time. They understand to cherish those, moments when they are back together at home. They learn how to value each other’s existence by simply appreciating each other for many reasons! Start doing this from now onwards!

#8 Be polite and sensitive with her.

Is it really that hard to become emotionally available to your wife and show her comfort and love when she needs you the most? It is very important to make her feel valued and safe when she is upset or worried about something in her life. You are the one she needs the most, not any other person. IT IS YOU ALONE. It is not a healthy sign of a relationship if you are emotionally detached with your significant other. It is necessary that you do make use of warm hugs and show her affection and care through your amiable actions every day. Do not make her feel lonely or left out, she loves you, but may stop loving you one day. Remember that, because she is a human as well. Listen to her thoughts whether melancholic or cherish-able, pay full attention to what she has to say. She wants to be herself with you, and may want to tell you how much she loves you. Communication may lead to a better relationship so do not lose your grip on that.

#9 Dictating her is a BIG NO!

Always remember, that dictating someone or making someone do something forcefully is never a good idea. It is important that you make sure you are treating your wife politely and having a constructive conversation with her in matters you think both of you are not in the same page. Try practicing loving the person she is inside and out, do not expect her to become what you want her to, even if she is not willing to do something. There is a very wise difference in asking someone to do something which requires other person’s willingness and opinion as well, and in telling the other person to do something which pressurizes them and they do it unwillingly. You should remain that same person who loved and encouraged her to become the best version of HERSELF initially, you were not a dictator in the beginning, so remember that always. You guys got married because you genuinely loved the true self of your wife. Continue to do that for a lifetime to come and you will never regret! Stop getting self-obsessed and start giving her opinions importance. Tell her that you love her. Only her. Love is not molding someone according to your needs selfishly, but adjusting with someone and making decisions that may include some compromises, but may satisfy both of the partners equally.

#10 Spending Quality time with her is essential.

It is significant to understand the importance of investing in spending quality time with your partner. It is important that one should dedicate they’re some of the time to their partners every day, despite f the fact that they have work to do or are too busy some days. Tell them in this time that they are so important to you and that you are glad that they simply exist in their lives. Listen to their problems and what they have to say with patience. Do not interrupt and make them feel unimportant. It is mistake made by many when men start making it a habitual part of tehri mundane routine to get to involved in tehri office work and friends only that they forget about how much their wives need them and want to spend time with them. She may feel discouraged and melancholic as she may overthink about this and may realize that no one including her man does not have time for her only. Do not make her feel that way at all, she is your lady!

#11 No comparison, no misunderstandings!

Men should always appreciate the person their wives are truly and do not compare them with anyone who is much better according to them. You should learn to appreciate their uniqueness and their different abilities in order to make them feel comfortable and secure in their own skin with you. If you have ever had an ex-girlfriend or wife, so never even think of comparing her with them, that is highly discouraging and disheartening for a person. You are not fair and just with them. You are not valuing their existence like that, if you think they must improve in something then talk to them about them only, not by comparing them to some other person. Do not take them for granted, they are your wives or girlfriends, so love them proudly for what they are and what they have become over the years.

#12 Appreciating and living the small things in life!

It is important that you remember to hug your wife every day. It is important that your kiss her and let her feel loved every morning she wakes up. Look at her affectionately and with immense love, show her how you feel by bringing her some flowers every day, do not let her feel that loving relationship is deteriorating over time because people grow old. NO, that is not true. True love always suffices with great vigour and determination. It stays and strengthens with time. It does not have any age limit or any barrier. It just grows stronger. Appreciate their little worthwhile things they do for you or they generally do for themselves. Remark the positively about how they are looking or how they work well in kitchen every day. Love them with all your heart by telling them truthfully that they are more important to you than anything else in this entire universe! Make sure you do these things, and you are good to go!

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