The MBTI types as other MBTI TYPES

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Have a Look.

ISTJ: Rule oriented INTJ who’s never been tempted to be a rebel

ESTJ: The overgrown anger reflexes of an ISTJ

ISTP: What you get when you take out the batteries in an ESFP

ESTP: The inner pep talk voice of an ESFP

INTJ: Rapunzel complex of an INFJ where they’ll never want to admit how much they care

ENTJ: The moment when an ESTJ spins in their office chair to face you

ENTP: The moment when an ENTJ says it’s cool and they’re not mad but it’s just denial

INTP: The Dr. Jekyll version of an ENTP Mr. Hyde

ISFP: A caring version of ISTPs

ISFJ: The momentary pause an ESFJ takes when talking

ESFP: The camouflage of a hidden nerdy INTP

ESFJ: The huge grin an ESTP has when everyone payes attention to them

INFP: The hormonal teenager side of themselves ISFPs would rather hide

INFJ: Insecure master manipulator version of an ENFJ

ENFP: A homicidal narcissist wearing a cut face mask of an INFP so everyone thinks they’re innocent

ENFJ: The effects of 100 years of aging on an ENFP

The Genre Of Book You Need To Be Reading, Based On Your Myers-Briggs Type

Are you an ESTP or an INFJ? A sensitive loner or the life of the party? An “architect” or a “campaigner”? If you don’t know what a Myers-Briggs type is, think astrology for people who don’t believe in astrology. But without the fish-goat monsters. It’s a personality quiz based on Jungian psychology, and, like all things of value in this world, it tells you who to date, where to work, and, most importantly, what to read. Here’s the one book genre to read for your Myers-Briggs personality type, because those four letters might know more about you than you do.

Myers-Briggs uses four different sliding scales to determine your fate: the “I” or “E” stands for “introvert” or “extrovert,” which is pretty self explanatory if you’ve been to the internet before. But there’s also “N” or “S” for “intuiting” or “sensing,” which describes whether you intuit information internally or observe it externally. Then there’s “T’ or “F” for “thinking” or “feeling,” which determines whether you’re naturally logical or naturally emotional. Finally, there’s “P” or “J” for “perceiving” or “judging,” which means you’re either a go with the flow improviser or a highly organized decision-maker.

There’s no right or wrong personality type when it comes to Myers-Briggs, but your own combo of letters just might help you unlock a new favorite genre:

INFP: Magical Realism

INFPs are a kind, idealistic, poetic sort of folk. Known as the “Mediator” of the bunch, they’re always looking for the best in people. They’re great at defusing a crisis or picking out a pet name. An imaginative INFP might like to curl up with a big book of poetry or a work of magical realism to inspire their own highly creative mind.

ENFP: Short Stories

The enthusiastic ENFP is always on the go, always working towards something, and always living it up as a free spirit. Known as the “Campaigner,” the sociable ENFP will love a good collection of funny essays or satirical short stories (especially since they can read one, and then bound off to the next adventure).

INTP: Science Fiction

An innovative inventor, INTPs are the “Logicians” of the group. They love to learn, to search for patterns, and to stretch their formidable intellect. Just because they’re logical doesn’t mean they’re not creative, though! Science fiction is perfect for the far-thinking INTP, especially if it’s sci-fi based on real science.

ENTP: Thrillers


ENTPs are “Debaters”: smart, savvy, always itching to prove their point. They might think that the thriller genre falls somewhere below their high intellectual level, but a good psychological thriller will keep an ENTP turning pages all the way to the twist ending.

ENFJ: Literary Fiction

The ENFJ is a natural leader. Called the “Protagonist,” ENFJs are passionate and charismatic. They often do well as teachers or politicians or camp counselors — any position where they can spread their natural confidence. ENFJs empathize with the complex characters of literary fiction, and they wish that everyone read more.

ENTJ: Memoir

Specifically, the kind of memoirs that inspire you to get out there and conquer the world. That’s because ENTJs are “Commanders”: fierce go-getters who like to take the lead and zoom straight up the ladder to success. They’re inspired by other successful people, and they like a good motivational read.

ESFP: Humor Nonfiction

ESFPs are “Entertainers” to the core. They’re fun and energetic, and nothing makes them happier than laughing out loud in public. ESFPs will love anything funny and fun to read, but a hilarious showbiz memoir or a wisecracking book of essays will win them over faster than anything else.

ISFP: Experimental Literature

Art! Adventure! Breaking convention! ISFPs are “Adventurers.” Despite being an introverted type, an ISFP loves to take big risks and think outside the box. Give them a book that blurs genres and subverts tradition, and they’ll be inspired to create their own non-linear audio drama or impressionist graphic novel.

ESTP: Adventure

ISFPs might be the adventurers, but ESTPs like adventure stories. The “Entrepreneur” is all about living life on the edge. They like swashbuckling tales and true stories of defying the odds. Hand them a book about climbing Everest or rafting down the Amazon, and don’t be surprised if they want to try it themselves.

ESFJ: Romance

ESFJs are the popular kids of the bunch (but not in a mean girl way). They’re caring “Consuls,” always providing a shoulder to cry on or a pump-up playlist to get you back on your feet. Their positive attitudes and depth of emotion can make them huge romantics, so they love a good romance novel — as long as there’s a happy ending.

ESTJ: Biographies

The ESTJ is that rare individual who actually likes group projects. They’re highly organized and outgoing types, known as the “Executive.” Managing other people is their not-so-hidden talent. An ESTJ will enjoy a thoroughly-researched biography, especially of a world leader or activist who stood up for their ideals (in a very organized manner, of course).

ISTP: History/Historical Fiction


ISTPs are hands-on builders, makers, and fixers. They’re the “Virtuoso” of the personality types, and they’re very good at whatever task they set their mind to. They like to take things apart and see how they work, including people and societies, so reading history or historical fiction based on true events is truly fascinating for them.

INTJ: Mystery


The strategic “Architect” just can’t get enough mystery novels. As a rare and thoughtful personality type, INTJs just love piecing together clues and solving problems. They also love to share whenever they’ve figured out an especially clever plot twist, because the shy INTJ is surprisingly confident when they know they’re right.

NFJ: High Fantasy

INFJs are “Advocates” with a strong sense of right and wrong. Epic battles of good vs. evil are right up their alley. One of the rarest types, INFJs tend to be quiet, strong-willed, intense, and creative, making them the perfect candidates for riding dragons into battle or ruling their elf kingdom with a steady hand.

ISFJ: Comics/Manga


As the “Defenders” of the personality types, ISFJs want to protect people. They’re analytical yet sensitive, introverted yet social, and deeply committed to making the world a better place. That’s why they should all kick back with a good superhero comic or manga epic, and channel their natural love of fighting evil and having fun.

ISTJ: Nonfiction


Practical and dedicated, the “Logistician” ISTJ is a nonfiction junkie. They like facts and figures, they take pride in their work, and they roll their eyes at schmaltzy cliches. Give them an in-depth book of long-form journalism or a fascinating science tome, and your ISTJ will soon be geeking out over all that sweet sweet knowledge.

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