The Little Ways That Each Myers-Briggs Type Shows Affection

The Little Ways That Each Myers-Briggs Type Shows Affection

Not everyone is openly verbal about their affections, some people have more subtle ways of showing that they care. Here are some little ways that each personality type shows affection.



INFJs show that they love someone by attempting to understand them fully. The INFJ will listen and observe the people that they care about. They will figure out who they are and attempt to understand them on a deeper level. Studying their mannerisms and figuring out just how to make them happy. INFJs enjoy showing affection by giving gifts, cooking, or whatever little ways that make their loved ones feel appreciated. They give their undivided attention and attempt make sure that their loved ones feel understood. They try to create and open line of communication, and want their loved ones to feel completely free of judgment. INFJs also share parts of themselves with their loved ones that not just anyone gets to see. They feel like by sharing themselves with someone, they are showing them how much they care.


ENFJs show their loved ones affection by tending to their needs. The ENFJ attempts to make sure that the people they care for are as happy as possible. They will clean and cook for them, and attempt to figure out everything that they like. If they are willing to do things like attempting to minimize your stress, than the ENFJ truly cares. They want to take on all of your worries and make them their own. Making sure that their loved ones feel appreciated and special, is how the ENFJ expresses affection. They will do whatever it takes to make others feel loved, and enjoy giving as much as they can. Putting others needs ahead of their own is the best way for an ENFJ to show that they care.


INFPs express their love by making sure the other person feels heard and understood. They attempt to create a deep connection, and will pay complete attention to their loved ones. The INFP enjoys spending quality time, and makes sure there are no distractions around. This is how they show their loved ones that they are important and loved. They may not openly verbalize it, but the fact that they have created a space for you in their lives means that the INFP cares. They do not allow many people into their inner circle, and by doing this is means they care. INFPs believe that showing themselves and sharing their deepest darkest secrets, expresses how much they care. INFPs sometimes show they care in more creative ways. They are better at expressing their feelings in a written way, more than they are verbally.


ENFPs often find playful ways to show their affection. They may be more expressive in a physical way, and find ways to touch or caress to affirm their affections. ENFPs are very caring individuals, and often show affection to most people. This can make it challenging to know when they care very deeply about someone. ENFPs are easily distracted, but will attempt to focus on the people that they care about. They will try very hard to make sure their loved ones receive their full attention (even though they fail sometimes). ENFPs will often verbally express that they care about someone. They tend to miss people greatly when they are not around, and if they express that they miss you it is a way of showing that they care. The ENFP will be just as passionate about their loved ones, as they are other aspects of their life. ENFPs often become excited when talking about those that they care for.



INTJs show their affection by making sure they understand their loved ones fully. They will take the time to understand you, and realize what you want out of life. They may even attempt to find ways to accomplish your goals if they care about. Helping you better yourself is the best way for an INTJ to show that they care. If an INTJ does not care about someone they do not feel the need to waste their energy helping them. If the INTJ goes out of their way to help you, it is a way of showing that they care very deeply. They will learn as much as they can about you, and attempt to help you become a stronger individual. When an INTJ cares for someone they will logically attempt to find solutions to their problems.


ENTJs show that they care by figuring out how to help the people they love. They will find logical solutions to their problems, and go out of their way to solve them. They are willing to take care of the practical needs of others, and will make sure your life is organized and well put together. If an ENTJ cares they will become your strongest advocate, they will defend you at all costs. ENTJs will stand in the way and make sure that others cannot hurt the ones they love. They may push the ones they care for to achieve their best, and will be there making sure that they achieve their goals.


INTPs show that they care by logically attempting to understand someone. When they care they will remember details about you that they would completely disregard with other people. They will pay attention to you when you think they are not. The INTP will figure out just what you need and want out of life, in hopes of helping you get there. INTPs are capable of showing affection but this is not often done with words. They are supportive and will listen to the people they care about even when it is hard for them. INTPs will show they care by giving you their full attention, and by including you in their lives. Sharing their passions and dreams with someone is a way that the INTP expresses caring. They are very private individuals, if they are willing to share themselves that is a big sign of affection.


ENTPs often show that they care in a teasing way. If they playfully tease someone it is a way of showing that they care about them. Making sure that they are careful not to be too offensive, because you matter to them. ENTPs are not often openly affectionate, but will be willing to express how they feel to the people they are close to. As long as no one else can see or hear it, ENTPs are willing to verbalize their feelings towards others. They may attempt to solve the problems of the people that they care for, and make sure that they are on a good path to accomplishing their goals. Giving others space to be themselves and accepting them for who they are, is a big way that ENTPs show they care.



ISTJs often show that they care by making sure that their loved ones lives are organized. They will make sure that their lives are on a solid track and will attempt to solve their problems. Making sure the practical needs of their loved are met, is a big way that ISTJs show they care. ISTJs are not the most emotionally expressive people, but they will attempt to figure out what their loved ones like. By making sure that others are cared for and appreciated, the ISTJ is expressing that they care.


ESTJs show affection by making sure that the practical needs of their loved ones are met. They will do their best to provide a safe environment for the people that they care about. ESTJs are willing to be affectionate, and can often be physically affectionate people. They are not always verbally emotional, but aren’t averse to hugs and warm behavior. ESTJs are outgoing and by making sure that you are include in their social circle they are expressing that they care.


ISFJs are very warm and openly affectionate individuals. They will find many different ways to express that they care for others. They often enjoying cooking or tending to the needs of others. When the ISFJ attempts to make sure that the people around them are well fed and taken care of, it means that they truly care. They are willing to find out what the people they love enjoy, and will go out of their way to get them the things that they need. ISFJs are willing to be verbal about their affections, but mostly enjoy finding practical ways to make sure that their loved ones feel happy and at ease.


ESFJs are very affectionate and giving individuals. They enjoy making sure that their loved ones are happy and have many ways of showing this. They often enjoy cooking for their loved ones and cleaning up after them. Finding ways to alleviate stress from others, is a way that ESFJs express that they care. They want to do whatever it takes to make their loved ones happy, this is their main goal. ESFJs attempt to find little ways to do things for their loved ones. Making sure they make your favorite foods, or making sure you are comfortable and at ease. They want to make sure that the people they care about feel loved and understood. They will do their best to provide whatever their loved ones need, and will go above and beyond to do so.



ISTPs are not the most openly affectionate people, but they do have their ways of showing they care. ISTPs are extremely private, so if they share personal information with others it means that they care deeply. When an ISTP cares about someone they make time for them in their lives, and will make sure to pay attention to them. ISTPs may attempt to solve others problems, and find practical ways to get things done for them. If an ISTP takes notice of your personal life and attempts to figure out ways to make things better for you, it means they truly care. They do not waste their time and energy on people that do not matter to them.


ESTPs are very physical people, and may use touch as a sign of affection. They also enjoy gift giving as a way to express that they care. They will find out what the people in their lives like, and will take the time to get those things for them. One-on-one time is something that the ESTP reserves for only the most special people in their lives. If the ESTP shares private parts of themselves with you, it means that they truly care. They are fun individuals, and enjoy taking their loved ones on new adventures with them.


ISFPs are very introverted individuals and often enjoy spending time alone. When they take time to spend specifically with someone, it shows that they care. Spending time and allowing the other person to express themselves, means that the ISFP cares very deeply for them. They are very choosy with who they let in, and when they share secrets with someone it is a strong sign of affection. ISFPs may buy or make things for the people they care about, and often enjoy physical signs of affection.


ESFPs often use gifts as a way to express they care. Physical objects are something real and tangible to show to the person that they love. When they buy things for them, it is a way of saying that they value them and took the time to get something just for them. ESFPs can be very caring individuals, and are willing to openly verbalize their affections. They will often express that they love someone, and are not afraid of doing so. ESFPs enjoy having fun and may even take the time to throw lavish parties for their loved ones. They are often a go big or go home type of person, and are willing to go over the top to express their love.

The Unique Energy of Each Myers-Briggs Type

The Unique Energy of Each Myers-Briggs Type

Some people have a more intense energy, while others are very calm and warm. Here is the type of energy we think each personality type possesses.


INFJ- Absorbing

INFJs have a very intense energy that often draws people in. They are caring and internal individuals. Because INFJs have such an active inner world, it causes them to have a very intriguing energy about them. People are often drawn towards the INFJs kindness and uniqueness. They are very good at understanding others and often absorb their surroundings like a sponge. They can read others emotions very well and are good at subconsciously putting information together.

ENFJ- Compassionate

ENFJs are often very compassionate and giving individuals. They strive to make others happy and will do anything it takes to accomplish this goal. There is something very welcoming and relaxing about the ENFJs nature. Their strong sense of compassion and empathy makes people feel extremely welcomed by the ENFJ. They often do their best to make others feel as comfortable and loved as possible.

INFP- Genuine

INFPs have a strong sense of internal morals and strive to be good people. They work very hard to be genuine and have a strong distaste for anything that is not. They want to reach deep meaning and understanding in life and strive to do so. INFPs are drawn to anything that is real and honest, and because of this they have a very genuine energy. People feel comforted and at ease by the energy of the INFP.

ENFP- Passionate

ENFPs have a very unique energy to them that draws people in. They are passionate and enthusiastic individuals and it shows. They have a way of staying positive in situations and always try to see the best in others. They have a way of making others feel inspired and enthused. The passionate nature of the ENFP makes them great people to have around. They want to make others feel just as inspired as them to achieve their goals.


INTJ- Sharp

INTJs have a sharp and focused energy about them. They are engrossed in knowledge and strive to reach deeper understanding in life. Their ability to stay focused towards their goals and interests makes their natural energy very intense. Their directness can sometimes be seen as harsh, but for people who know them there is something very intriguing about it. Their intelligence is often very ahead of others, making their energy extremely sharp and clever.

ENTJ- Dynamic

ENTJs have a very intense and dynamic energy. They have a way of achieving their goals and often are not thwarted by others. They are powerful and driven individuals who crave knowledge and success. They work very hard and are extremely efficient individuals. They dislike others peoples disloyalty and inefficiency and may come down harsh on people who exhibit such behavior. They have an intensity about them that is very hard to miss.

INTP- Fluid

INTPs have a very fluid energy to them. They have a way of adapting to new situations and searching for ways to reach a stronger understanding. They enjoy being challenged and experiencing new ideas, moving from one thought to another. INTPs are intelligent and internal thinkers who enjoy spending a lot of time inside their own minds. They have an often intense and intriguing energy about them, that leaves people interested.

ENTP- Fiery

ENTPs have an extremely intense and fiery nature. They enjoy debating with others, sometimes just for the fun of it. They want to argue about new ideas in hopes of reaching a deeper understanding. Because of this natural desire to debate the ENTPs are often seen as fiery and strong personalities. They are very likable and outgoing individuals.


ISTJ- Grounded

ISTJs have a strong sense of duty and responsibility. Because of this they have a very grounded and realistic energy. They want to get things done and are very present mentally in the real world. They enjoy things that can be implemented realistically and do not enjoy theoretical ideas. They strive to get things done and are very rationale individuals.

ESTJ- Pragmatic

ESTJs are realistic and structured individuals. Their energy is pragmatic and dutiful. They are strong and sometimes overwhelming characters, but always have a way of getting the job done. They have a strong sense of loyalty and live very much in the real world.

ISFJ- Welcoming

ISFJs are very caring and affectionate individuals. They strive to make others happy and because of this, there is something very sincere about their energy. They have a warmth and kindness that is hard to miss. It is hard not to believe that the ISFJ wants what is best for you and this makes their energy very welcoming.

ESFJ- Warm

ESFJs care very deeply about their loved ones and strive to make them happy. They do their best to comfort others in need and are often seen as a shoulder to cry on. They do their best to help others with their problems and are always willing to sit and listen to people. They have a natural warmth to them and try very hard to make others feel loved.


ISTP- Cool

ISTPs have a very relaxed and cool energy. They have a way of remaining calm in situations where most people would be uneasy. They enjoy spending time alone and enjoy having their own freedoms. They are very much a part of the physical world and have a knack for figuring things out with ease. Their cool energy is something that often draws people to them.

ESTP- Electrifying

ESTPs have a very electrifying energy about them. They thrive on excitement and enjoy experiencing new and exciting things. Because of this desire to keep moving the ESTP are exciting and intense individuals. They want to be liked by others and are often good at achieving that.

ISFP- Pure

ISFPs have a very pure energy about them. There is something about the ISFP that makes them feel very innocent and pure. Even if they aren’t the most pure individuals and even while they are making inappropriate jokes, they still have a naturally pure energy. Their caring and introspective nature has a way of drawing people towards them.

ESFP- Compelling

ESFPs are natural entertainers and because of this they have a very compelling energy about them. They know how to keep others interested and have a way of entertaining people. They know just how to draw a crowd and enjoy doing so very much.

Here’s Each Myers-Briggs Type Described As A Feeling That You Can’t Explain

ENFP: That feeling when that risky text you sent to your crush pays off and they tell you they like you too and then you stay up talking to your best friend into the wee hours of the morning about what happened because you’re so happy.

ISTJ: That feeling you get on the first day of school when you’re early and you got a good seat and you lay out all your stuff for taking notes, plus a bunch of extra supplies you don’t need but you lay it out anyway because everything looks so neat and organized.

INTP: That feeling you get when you find out something new and it makes a bunch of other things make sense and you’re just sort of excited and in awe of your newfound knowledge.

ENFJ: That feeling when you feel like people have your back on something and you feel invincible so you go out there and you succeed and afterward they all say that they knew you could do it and you know it’s all because of them and you tell them so and everyone is happy.

ISTP: That feeling when you walk outside and you realize fall is here because there’s a chill in the air, and fog in the glowing trees and you get that thrill in your stomach of the mystery and renewal of autumn.

ENTP: That feeling when someone admits you were right, even though they had sworn you weren’t and so you guys call a truce and now they actually come to you when they are not sure what to think.

INFP: That feeling you get when you’re in a strange new place and you’re a strange mix of scared and brave and excited but you don’t know how to put it into words so you just kind of stare around at things with a wondrous look in your eyes.

ISFJ: That feeling when you meet a new friend’s pet and it immediately loves you and you’re really excited and so is your new friend and you guys sit on the floor and play with their pet and become way closer friends.

ESTJ: That feeling you get when you accomplish something major and people recognize it, and they’re excited about it, and you’re so excited that you immediately set even higher goals for yourself because everything seems achievable.

ESTP: That feeling you get when people are really impressed by something you didn’t even realize was cool, and now you have the warm glow of people being impressed by you when you weren’t even trying.

INFJ: That feeling when you give someone advice and they take it and it works out marvelously and they’re happy because it worked out, and you’re happy for them and for yourself because you did the right thing and helped them.

ESFP: That feeling you get when you meet a cute stranger and you kind of flirt with them and they flirt back and you know that this is the beginning of a relationship and it’s so exhilarating.

ISFP: That feeling you get when you walk into a used bookstore and you can feel the knowledge and adventure swirling around you just waiting for you and the bookshop owner knows your name and lets you browse but when you’re done they suggest just the right book.

INTJ: That feeling when things go according to plan and people seem to be acting as they should and you’re excited about your plan but you don’t want to jinx yourself so you make sure to not let your emotions show too much.

ESFJ: That feeling when you finally save up enough to buy something you’ve been dreaming of, sans accessories, but when you get there they’ve discounted the price so you can get both, and so you’re surprised and happy and thankful all at once.

ENTJ: That feeling when you fix a problem in secret and then you hear other people talking about how well that mystery person fixed it and you’re so happy because people liked it and it got fixed and that knowledge is all yours to keep in your pocket and take out and look at once and awhile.

Each Myers-Briggs Type’s Kryptonite

Just like our favourite superheroes, each Myers-Briggs personality type has one great weakness – something that simultaneously attracts them and has the power to destroy them. Find your type below to determine which of your inherent traits has the ability to lead you headfirst into both your greatest triumphs and your greatest downfalls.

ISFJ – Self-sacrifice.

ISFJs are down-to-earth, focused and capable – but they’re also self-sacrificing to a fault. This type has a tendency to internalize almost everything that happens to and around them – therefore taking on responsibility for problems that don’t necessarily involve them. The tendency to adopt external problems as their own is the ISFJ’s kryptonite.

ISFP – Sensitivity.

The ISFP’s sensitivity is what makes them brilliantly creative and unique – but it’s also what holds them back in many ways. Because this type dislikes conflict so intensely, they have a tendency to run for the hills as soon as they foresee a tense situation arising – holding them back from pursuing many relationships or opportunities that could otherwise be beneficial for them. This type’s sensitive nature is one of their greatest strengths but their aversion to criticism or conflict is their Achilles heel.

ESFP – The need for approval.

ESFPs have fiercely engaging personalities – this is both their greatest strength and their greatest setback. Though this type is capable of achieving just about anything they set their mind to, they also feel the compulsive need to have everyone around them like them – which occasionally makes them back down from situations that they ought to stand their ground in. The need for approval is in part what makes the ESFP so successful, but it is in equal part their personal kryptonite.

ESFJ – Obedience.

ESFJs are incredibly in tune with the norms, values and expectations of the social world that surrounds them. They are tirelessly careful to not violate any social rules and as a result are often obedient to others’ expectations, even when they are not in complete agreement with them. Learning to stand up for themselves – even if it means violating a social or societal rule – is something the ESFJ needs to work on throughout their lives if they do not want their personal kryptonite to rob them of the things they want most.

ENFP – The ‘Greener Grass’ Syndrome.

ENFPs are ceaselessly scanning the horizons for new, exciting opportunities that they haven’t tried yet. Even when they’re perfectly content with their lives, this enthusiastic type is prone to abandoning a good thing in favor of the next, potentially better thing. Their never-ending quest for the next great thrill – and their corresponding aversion to stick with what they love – is the ENFP’s Achilles heel.

ENFJ – The Urge To Interfere.

ENFJs are highly perceptive individuals, who usually have a keen grasp on what is likely to help or hinder their loved ones. As a consequence, they often feel compelled to intervene in the lives of their loved ones, perceiving themselves to know what’s best for them. This can not only lead to tension and conflict if the ENFJ is not careful, but it will also exhaust them to the core as they try to care for everyone around them at all times. The compulsion to help those who are struggling is the ENFJ’s personal kryptonite.

INFJ – Perfectionism.

INFJs aren’t perfectionists in the stereotypical sense of the word – they aren’t the most detail-oriented type nor are they the most outright neurotic. However, they are prone to deliberating over their options to a detrimental extent – trying so hard to pinpoint the best of all possible options that they end up missing out on opportunities altogether. Attempting to always seek out the most perfect situation – and refusing to take a chance on anything less – is the INFJ’s Achilles heel.

INFP – Idealization Of Others.

People, situations, opportunities, problems – you name it, the INFP can idealize it. This type lives largely inside their own minds and while their wild imaginations help them in many ways, they can also create a disconnect between the INFP and reality, particularly in the arena of love. It is their proneness to idealizing potential partners that so often breaks apart INFP relationships before they even begin – when the other person fails to live up to the standard the INFP had created for them internally. The urge to distort reality with fantasy is the INFP’s kryptonite.

INTP – Inaction.

INTPs see the world in an objective, rational and creative fashion – a mixture of perceptions that almost no other type shares. However, the INTP is often so busy contemplating and readjusting their worldview that they forget to apply their perceptions to real-world actions. The disinclination to act on their thoughts and ideas is the INTP’s kryptonite.

ENTP – Indecision.

ENTPs are enthused about life in almost every capacity – they love planning for the future, speculating over the present and evaluating the past. The world is an all-you-can-eat-buffet for this highly ambitious type and yet they can never decide on just one dish. As excitable as they are ambitious, the ENTP often finds themselves torn between various projects, goals and undertakings, unable to commit to just one. Indecision is the one thing that holds this type back from truly excelling – you might say it is their kryptonite.

INTJ – Sociality.

INTJs are brilliant individuals who can reason their way through just about any situation – except social situations. Before their introverted feeling is developed, INTJs often experience difficulty picking up on social nuances, which makes navigating the external world a challenge for them. They may see a clear path to the implementation of their goals, but if they must network or win over people to get there, they will experience difficulty along the way. Socialization is the one realm that logic does not always apply to, and it is therefore INTJ’s personal kryptonite.

ENTJ – Competitiveness.

ENTJs see a direct route to everything they want – and what they want is to be the best at everything. While this highly resourceful type is prone to dominating opponents at much of what they do, the urge to win can occasionally get the better of them. They may find themselves ignoring the long-term consequences of many of their actions as they fight to keep the upper hand in the short-term. The desire to always be on top (rather than to play the long game) is the ENTJ’s kryptonite.

ISTJ – Change.

ISTJs are all about quality. They want to use the tried and true method of getting everything done – because why take a chance on something that hasn’t proven itself to be reliable? Though this quality is useful for the ISTJ in many ways, it also makes them highly resistant to change. They have trouble believing without seeing, so they often resist changes until they’ve had enough time to concretely witness the positive outcomes of the change – by which point, the rest of society has already moved onto something new.

ISTP – Passiveness.

ISTPs are incredibly analytical thinkers, who can quickly determine the most direct route to getting something done. However, this type prefers analyzing systems to acting on them – which means that many of their brilliant ideas never come to fruition. Despite being incredibly capable individuals by nature, the ISTP’s passiveness often causes them to underperform.

ESTJ – Subjectivity.

ESTJs are incredibly logical individuals who truly believe that they see the world in the most clear, objective fashion possible. What this type often fails to realize, however, is that their value judgments of the world are highly subjective. What they deem as important is not what the next person deems as important and vice versa. Failing to realize this, the ESTJ often spends a great deal of time frustrated with others for behaving illogically. If this highly rational type were a little more comfortable with accepting that everyone looks at the world differently, they’d be able to save time on lecturing others and use that time to get more sh*t done.

ESTP – Impulsivity.

ESTPs are incredibly resourceful and capable – but their impulsivity often gets the better of them, causing them to cave into short-term desires rather than pursuing long-term achievements. A quick, on-the-fly reaction time is at the core of this type’s personality – but it’s also their Achilles heel.


You know those personality tests that can give you quite a bit of insight into who you and your fundamental traits? Well, when it comes to fundamentals, it doesn’t get any more essential to us than Disney. So, take the Myers-Briggs test online, then come back to see which Disney characters share your personality type. It’s up for interpretation, but here’s our very scientific* thoughts on where certain characters fall:


ISTJ (Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, Judging)

What is your Disney personality type?

Just like Beast’s personal time-keeper, you honor duty before pleasure and particularly enjoy traditions and loyalty. Logical, thorough, and somewhat serious, you are rather straightforward (which makes sense if you remember Cogsworth’s candid reply to what Beast should give Belle as a present).


ISFJ (Introverted, Sensing, Feeling, Judging)

What is your Disney personality type?

The perfect example of loyalty and kindness, you will go to great lengths to help someone in need, which is usually aided by your innate ability to remember details and the specific needs of the people close to you. You appreciate peace and do what you can to create that environment, like pulling out a glass slipper at just the right moment.


INFJ (Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Judging)

What is your Disney personality type?

Recognizing that there are just as many different types of people as colors of the wind, you want to know what makes people tick and what motivates them. Observant and good-natured, you pay attention to others’ needs and let your counsel flow from your commitment to your firm values.


INTJ (Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Judging)

What is your Disney personality type?

Bright and forward-thinking, you are independent and a natural leader, but you also have a tendency to be skeptical and pessimistic. You are very motivated to reach your goals and hold yourself (and others) to a high standard. (There are some instances where you can learn to let it go.)


ISTP (Introverted, Sensing, Thinking, Perceiving)

What is your Disney personality type?

A true craftsman at heart, you are a problem solver and understand things best by taking them apart. Not particularly fond of rules, you are independent, adventurous, and willing to strike out on your own to find a solution to a problem, big or (ant-size) small.


ISFP (Introverted, Sensing, Feeling, Perceiving)

What is your Disney personality type?

Very in tune with your senses, you are friendly, kind, and enjoy having your space. That said, you are extremely loyal and committed to your friends. You may seem thick-skinned, but you can take things rather personally. It helps to have a motto like, “hakuna matata.”


INFP (Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Perceiving)

What is your Disney personality type?

Quick to see the best in people, you are good-natured and compassionate. You have a knack for finding the possibilities in your surroundings and are creative and idealistic. You’re a bit of a dreamer and can see outside of your proverbial provincial town.


INTP (Introverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Perceiving)

What is your Disney personality type?

You are a thinker and tend to get lost in thought. Always seeking a logical explanation, you carefully problem solve and project a calm and serious demeanor. But you are very passionate about the things that interest you (like your memoir, perhaps).


ESTP (Extroverted, Sensing, Thinking, Perceiving)
Flynn Rider

What is your Disney personality type?

If someone doesn’t draw your nose right, you’re going to say something about it. You’re straightforward and don’t mind telling people what you think. Rules are more “guidelines” with you, and you never let them get in the way of going on a new adventure.


ESFP (Extroverted, Sensing, Feeling, Perceiving)
Peter Pan

What is your Disney personality type?

Never one to shy away from attention, you are outgoing, friendly, and sometimes loud. You can get bored easily, so you’d almost always rather be spending time with friends. You are spontaneous and have been known to fly off to Never Land in a moment’s notice.


ENFP (Extroverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Perceiving)

What is your Disney personality type?

There’s a whole new world out there, and you love to imagine all of its possibilities. You are warm and creative and generally look on the bright side of things. When things get a little rough (like needing to defeat an evil sorcerer), you are quick to improvise.


ENTP (Extroverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Perceiving)
Jack Sparrow

What is your Disney personality type?

Quick to tell a good story, you are witty and playful. You have an exceptional ability to read other people and like to keep things interesting to avoid getting bored by routine. Even in dire straits, you keep your spirits afloat with a good tale.


ESTJ (Extroverted, Sensing, Thinking, Judging)

What is your Disney personality type?

Quite practical and decisive, you are effective in carrying out your plans while adhering to your strong moral character. You are excellent at organizing people by setting clear boundaries and encouraging apples for gifts (maybe that’s just Maximus).


ESFJ (Extroverted, Sensing, Feeling, Judging)
Mary Poppins

What is your Disney personality type?

Always polite and proper, you are happiest when you can help someone. You are deeply generous and compassionate and value harmony and loyalty. You might come across as bossy, but it’s only because you care so deeply for those around you. Basically, you are practically perfect in every way.


ENFJ (Extroverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Judging)

What is your Disney personality type?

Sensitive to feelings and needs to everyone in the circle of life, you have a unique gift for giving guidance when someone really needs it. You are warm and lighthearted and encourage the potential in everyone, which makes you a particularly inspiring leader.


ENTJ (Extroverted, Intuitive, Thinking, Judging)

What is your Disney personality type?

You are a firm and decisive leader, a position that comes naturally to you. You have a tendency to make decisions rationally and put emotions aside, which can make you good at negotiating. However, when giving compliments, it could be reduced to a simple, “You fight good.”

Here’s What You Should Do For A First Date Based On Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type

everyone looks the most attractive when they’re in their element. And for many of the sixteen Myers-Briggs personality types, dinner and a movie just isn’t their element. Here are sixteen unique first date ideas that will highlight your natural strengths, based on your type. Bonus points if you figure out your date’s type and choose THEIR ideal activity.

ISFP – Go to a flea market or bazaar.

Jirka Matousek
Jirka Matousek

You’re all about discovering the new and unusual – and markets are the perfect place to do just that. You can hunt for undiscovered treasures with your date – you’ll learn quickly whether you love or hate their taste and you can share your own unique flare with them. Plus the strange objects you inevitably come across make for great conversation starters.

ESTP – Go Geocaching.

Johan Larsson
Johan Larsson

You have an adventurous spirit and it’s important to you that any potential partner can keep up. Geocaching offers a fun challenge that plays up your outdoorsy nature and gives your natural strengths the chance to shine through. It’s a fun challenge that will set you apart from all the people they’ve been ‘grabbing a coffee’ with.

ENFP – Go To An Improv Comedy Show.

Tim Green
Tim Green

Having fun with your date is important to you – and nothing’s more attractive than someone with a sharp mind. Visiting an improv comedy show will lighten both of you up and get you laughing – you’ll be able to see whether your senses of humor line up and who knows – maybe they’ll need a volunteer to go up on stage! You can impress your date with your own quick wit or better yet, give them a chance to showcase theirs.

INFJ – Visit A Used Bookstore Together.

Sharon & Nikki McCutcheon
Sharon & Nikki McCutcheon

You’re looking for an intellectual partner and as far as you’re concerned, there’s no better judge of character than what someone likes to read. You can peruse the shelves together and swap literary suggestions – you’ll walk away with a new appreciation of your date and a list of new things to read. It’s simply win-win.

ESFP – Go To A Karaoke Bar.

Derek Gavey
Derek Gavey

They call you ‘The Performer’ for a reason – you aren’t shy about getting up on stage and showing the audience what you’ve got! Karaoke gives you the chance to get silly with your date and lets both of you show off a little. If they’re too inhibited to try it, chances are they aren’t the partner for you – you need someone who knows how to have fun and who can keep up with your free-spirited nature.

ISFJ – Go Wine Tasting Together.

Leon Brocard
Leon Brocard

Quality is more important than quantity to you – this applies to both drinking and dating. Going wine tasting together gives you an opportunity to bond over a new experience – and it’s classy as hell. You can scope out your date’s etiquette and impress them with your pre-existing knowledge. Plus the drinks will help you both loosen up.

INTP – Go Star Gazing Together.

Ryan Wick
Ryan Wick

If there’s anything you hate, it’s small talk. You’re most confident when you’re discussing a topic you’re highly knowledgeable about and with a little bit of research, the galaxy above us can be exactly that. Take your date out for a laid-back date where you check out the stars and ‘wow’ them with the science behind the sights. If the season is right, catch a meteor shower while you’re at it!

ESFJ – Visit A Local Farmer’s Market And Cook A Meal Together.

Marco Arment
Marco Arment

You’re deeply connected to your community and the ideal date for you starts at home – by checking out what’s happening locally and welcoming your date into your world. You can chat in a natural setting as you prepare food together and then try it out – your culinary skills and your people skills will shine through with ease as you create and experiment together.

ISTJ – Visit A Museum Together.

PROVox Efx
PROVox Efx

You’re an information sponge and once you learn something new you never forget it. Take your date to a local museum and impress them with your intricate knowledge of all that lies inside. They’ll be impressed by your diligence and the artifacts will provide plenty of go-to conversation pieces.

ENTJ – Take A Class Together.


You’re all about progressing and learning new skills – and you want a partner who shares those values. Try a cooking class, an improv class or even a language class – you can bond with your date over your developing skill and learn something new while you’re at it! Best case scenario you find love – worst case scenario you’ve picked up one more skill that puts you ahead of the game. You can’t lose!

ISTP – Try A New Sport Together.

Justin Jensen
Justin Jensen

Take your date kayaking, mountain biking or rock climbing to bring out their athletic side – you love new physical pursuits and you want a partner who feels the same way. There’s nothing sexier to you than an adventurous date and what better a way to gage someone’s spirit of adventure than by trying a new physical challenge together?

ESTJ – Attend Trivia Night At A Local Bar.

Chandler Collins
Chandler Collins

You’re a natural when it comes to remembering facts – which is why Trivia night is your time to shine. You get to have fun with your date in a way that engages your competitive spirit and allows you to show off a little. The two of you can bond over your desire to win – and celebrate once you inevitably do.

INFP – Attend A Poetry Open Mic Night.

Jeremy Tenenbaum
Jeremy Tenenbaum

Your creativity is your most attractive trait – and what better a way to highlight that than at an event specifically geared toward artistic expression? You and your date can discuss your favorite readings, brainstorm new ideas and maybe even present your own work if one (or both) of you is feeling bold. It’s a great way to get to know each other beyond the surface level – which is extremely important for INFPs.

ENFJ – Volunteer Together.


Your friendly, giving nature defines who you are – and what better a way to connect with a date than by giving back to the community that you care about together? You’ll quickly see if your date shares your philanthropic nature and if they do, they’ll only become that much more attractive in your eyes.

INTJ – Attend A Lecture Or TED Talk Together.

Steve Jurvetson
Steve Jurvetson

If this sounds boring to your date, they’re probably not the date for you. You’re all about learning new perspectives, which is why intellectual environments inspire you. You can fuel your minds and then discuss the topic after the fact. You’ll learn more than the usual niceties about one another and even if the date goes badly, you’ll have learned something from the evening – which means it wasn’t a waste at all.

ENTP – Visit An Escape Room.


You’re all about solving puzzles and your date shouldn’t be the only thing you’re picking apart for clues. By visiting a local escape room, you can showcase your ability to think under pressure and solve the seemingly unsolvable. You’ll be energized by the challenge and can bond with your date over solving it. After all, there’s nothing more attractive to you than a partner who can keep up with your fast-paced mind.

Your Biggest ‘Blind Spot’ Based on Your Myers-Briggs Type

You might be an awesome, exciting, self-actualizing, and self-aware human being. (In fact, I’ll bet you are!) But still, there are likely facets of the world that you just can’t see clearly. Everyone tends to lean into their strengths, subconsciously rejecting simple realities that could help them to become more well-rounded people.

Every Myers-Briggs personality type has “blind spots” with respect to how they perceive the world. Recognizing and acknowledging these blind spots can help you grow, strengthen your decision-making abilities, and enable you to have better relationships — you just need someone to point out the hidden truths that you might be missing. So with that in mind, here are the classic blind spots associated with different Myers-Briggs types. Find your type, find your blind spot.

Note: The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) is a personality test that helps us to better understand ourselves and the people who surround us in our day-to-day lives. It tells us what we do with incoming information — how we process it and use it to make decisions. If you don’t know your type, a quick online quiz can help you find out.

The type: ENTP
The blind spot: The beauty of the well-trodden path. 
You like to do your own thing, to innovate, and you have a tendency to cut new paths rather than follow the norm. That said, in an effort to break the mold, you may have a tendency to reject anything that seems like familiar territory — phrases like “tradition for the sake of tradition” and “the way things have always been done” terrify you. In reality, it’s OK to like vanilla ice cream, have a church wedding, or settle in your hometown. Familiar paths are not lesser. They can even be the best, most fulfilling way to go.

The type: ISTP
The blind spot: Relying on others. 
You’re the most independent type on the planet, and you relish your freedom to do whatever you want, whenever you want. In fact, you might fear that relying on others, building relationships, or maintaining a tight circle of friends will hinder your individual growth and worldly exploration. This simply isn’t the case; in reality, you just need to find people who listen to you, understand you, and accept you for who you are. The right people will accept your need for space, and relying on others can enhance your experiences and help you make stronger decisions. All relationships are not limiting in nature.

The type: ESFJ
The blind spot: The benefits of argument. 
You are, by definition, a person who likes to make others feel comfortable — and you are hypersensitive to perceived conflict. It’s great that you want to keep the peace, but some people aren’t just disagreeing to be difficult. Speaking up can be a way to express individuality or understand differences, and inciting an argument might be a way to test ideas. If you use disagreement for better understanding, it’s actually an amazing way to bring people together.

The type: ESFP
The blind spot: Going with the flow.
Although you are the fun, happy-go-lucky friend in almost every social situation, you tend to catastrophize when left to your own devices. You remember situations that went wrong — the car broke down on the highway, winter weather caused your friend’s flight delay — which can prevent you from taking any forward-thinking action. Remember that you thrive when you let life play out and adapt to it, and not when you worry relentlessly about events that will probably never take place (if you’re really honest with yourself).

The type: ESTJ
The blind spot: Empathy. 
You are incredibly impartial and objective, and like to bring the hard line of logic and reason to everything you do. That said, sometimes considering the feelings of others (and your own) can actually help you execute more effectively. Remember that the next time someone has an emotional outburst at work, or your partner is being way too hard on himself. Supportively helping someone put their feelings into perspective, rather than simply dismissing them outright, can help you get back to those rational solutions more quickly.

The type: INTJ
The blind spot: Staying humble. 
You are so forward-thinking and analytical that you often think you can place anyone or any situation into your theoretical model of the universe. Meanwhile, you aren’t taking into account that even the best guesses are not always correct; people change their minds, have changes of heart, or are dealing with unforeseen variables that affect the result. You are smart, but you are not always right — and sometimes, you need to accept the fact that irrational forces influence the way the world plays out.

The type: ISFJ
The blind spot: Flexibility in relationships.
You’re one of the MBTI’s biggest romantics and tend to internalize romantic ideals from a young age. You’ve always been observant, so you may end up thinking the “perfect” relationship is the one that has been modeled for you since birth. However, if you strive for this, you may miss the forest for the trees; the point of a great relationship is mutual fulfillment, not to re-create what your parents had (or what all your favorite rom-com or literature heroines had). If you feel unsatisfied with your relationships, ditch the model in your head. Date different people. Try new things. Be open to the right one coming in a totally unexpected package, but still making you feel the feelings for which you’ve always hoped.

The type: ESTP
The blind spot: Planning ahead. 
You rely heavily on your ability to live in the moment and work your way through every situation — and you’re great at it. There’s no more perceptive, adaptable type than yours. That said, there are certain long-term considerations you need to make to get the most out of life and help others work with you. After all, you can’t just wake up one morning and have the career you want or expect the person you love to commit to you with no eye for the future. All plans don’t have to box you in; just view them as flexible road maps, where you can reroute if it makes sense down the line.

The type: INTP
The blind spot: Seeing strengths in emotion. 
Like pretty much everyone else, you often crave that physical connection with others. You see the purpose in sharing ideas and having thoughtful discussion. But you tend to view love and emotion as humanity’s weak spot. In your attempt to understand how the world works and make the best possible decisions for yourself, feelings seem totally irrational to you and seem to complicate people’s lives more than solve their problems. In reality, you need to look at emotionally based concepts through a different lens. If logic is the black-and-white outline of the universe, love and feeling is what colors the world. Surrendering to the (occasional) craziness can be a healthy outlet for you.

The type: INFP
The blind spot: Finding joy in stability.
You’re the romantic, the dreamer, the lover, the wanderer… So you often loathe the sides of life that don’t seem to be brimming with potential, such as setting down roots in a stable community or getting a job in a stable field like business or engineering. However, having metaphorical roots in your life can actually help you to grow your wings. That structured job can lead to more money, allowing you to travel and explore. Or that rock-solid partner can be the awesome base that grounds you and helps you to take care of the practical parts of life, like paying bills and planning for the future. Don’t reject normalcy and stability outright; look at how it may benefit you.

The type: ENTJ
The blind spot: Having an open mind. 
Love and dating may be your Achilles’ heel. Instead of looking for real factors of compatibility, like having the same long-term plans or getting along, you look for someone with the “right ingredients” of the perfect partner on paper — and then try to bring the relationship about by sheer force of will. Although you can achieve just about any other goal this way, relationships are much different. Irrational emotions do matter. Feelings may fire up with someone totally unexpected but make you happy and fulfilled nonetheless.

The type: ISTJ
The blind spot: Risk taking.
You really like following the clear-cut path, because you know you can do whatever needs to be done — and do it well. Imagining new possibilities, like studying abroad or forgoing your “type” to date your opposite, can seem tiresome instead of intriguing. Why try something new when the old still works? Because good is the enemy of great, that’s why. You don’t know what you’re missing out on until you expand your horizons — and you might find a path that suits you better than the typical one you’re currently on.

The type: INFJ 
The blind spot: Simplicity. 
You tend to see life as one giant landscape where everything is connected. You are especially in tune with how people are connected to each other and how you are connected to everyone else in your life. As a result, you start to read between the lines for hidden messages that may not exist. Remember that not everything has a deeper meaning. If a friend says she can’t hang out a couple times in a row, that doesn’t mean she no longer wants to be friends. When your partner seems irritable several days in a row, he might simply be forging through work problems that have nothing to do with you or the relationship. Don’t assume first; ask questions, or simply remember that there are more variables affecting interactions than you’re aware of — as aware as you may be.

The type: ENFP
The blind spot: The good parts about settling down.
You tend to value your passion, individuality, and ability to jump in with both feet. You love trying new things and want to explore the world (and people) as much as possible. However, you can subconsciously look down on others who don’t share your ideals — people who’d rather settle down early and have kids, for instance, or who are content with traditional roles. It’s important to respect people for the lives they want to live, even if they don’t break new ground, and to appreciate that everyone desires a different type of life experience. Those people you view as stable, loving, and contained often create the backbone of society. Where would we be without them?

The type: ENFJ
The blind spot: Logic.  
You typically feed off of what you feel and trust those internal forces to guide you down the right path. You make decisions based on emotion and energy. You believe in gut feelings and tend to follow your instincts. You hate the idea of overanalyzing each step of your life. However, all that emotional energy can blind you to the best decision. When your life seems like a train rolling uncontrollably down the tracks, stop. Take a step back and think over how to make the best step forward. Sleep on it. Have you pursued a romantic flame too far, when you should let them go? Have your instincts led you into a career path that is no longer fulfilling, but you don’t want to give up the dream? Sometimes, detaching from your emotion is the answer to your problem.

The type: ISFP
The blind spot: Practicality.
You love to put art, individuality, and relationships above all else in life. While it’s great that you follow your heart, it’s also important to make practical considerations. You might need to keep that stable job while you build your career as a creative, end an unhealthy relationship that doesn’t make sense despite an abundance of love, or start a retirement fund instead of going on that writer’s retreat. Being sensible sometimes does not make you less committed to your dreams or ideals.

The Biggest Turn Off For Each Myers-Briggs Type

The Biggest Personality Turn Off For Each Myers-Briggs Type

We brought to you The Biggest Personality Turn On For Each Myers-Briggs Type and now it is time for the things that turn each type off. Each person finds themselves turned off by certain personality traits and these reactions can be related to personality types. So here is the quality you are most likely to find unattractive based on your Myers-Briggs type.


INFJ- Arrogance

Arrogance and insensitivity are the biggest turn offs for an INFJ. When someone treats others poorly and acts as though they are better than them, the INFJ will become disinterested and even disgusted by that person. Few things will anger an INFJ more than seeing someone be mistreated by an individual who acts superior to them. This is an instant personality turn off, and will definitely cause the INFJ to lose interest in a person.

ENFJ- Unappreciative

A person who is sloppy and does not appreciate the actions of others, will be a huge turn off for an ENFJ. They don’t like feeling like someone is using them for their kindness and will no longer be interested in someone who does not appreciate them. ENFJs dislike when someone is inconsiderate and does whatever they please without ever thinking about others.

INFP- Superficiality

INFPs are strongly turned off by people who are extremely superficial. They will find themselves disgusted by a person who lives only for materialistic things. INFPs enjoy depth and meaning, which makes surface centered people very unattractive to them. If someone is shallow and does not show signs of curiosity, that is definitely a major turn off for the INFP.

ENFP- Controlling Behavior

ENFPs enjoy their freedom and are extremely turned off by anyone who attempts to control them. Trying to manipulate or force them into something will instantly push the ENFP away. They enjoy moving at their own pace and absolutely despise anyone who tries to force them into anything. Allowing an ENFP to have their freedom is actually very attractive to them. An individual who strives to gain control over the ENFP or anyone else around them, is going to turn them off completely.


INTJ- Small-Mindedness

INTJs are truly turned off by people who are small-minded and closed off. They dislike when people are incapable of comprehending them and will be disinterested in shallow or clueless people. INTJs are very turned off by individuals who are small-minded and incapable of seeing other people’s points of view. INTJs enjoy people who are intelligent and well-spoken and who thrive to understand the truth about things.

ENTJ- Over-dramatic

People who are dramatic and whiny are extremely unattractive to ENTJs. Causing foolish drama or blowing things out of proportion are major turn offs for them. ENTJs enjoy people are rational and capable of controlling their emotions. If someone is over the top it appears self-centered and obnoxious to most ENTJs. They do appreciate having fun from time to time, but they dislike when people demand attention by using silly drama.

INTP- Manipulation

INTPs are extremely turned off by someone who attempts to manipulate them. An individual who is entirely dishonest is going to be rather unattractive to INTPs. They enjoy people who are self-aware and capable of understanding them without trying to push them too far. INTPs crave understanding on every level and feel completely betrayed by someone who attempts to manipulate a situation. Dishonesty and neediness are extremely big turn offs for INTPs.

ENTP- Ignorance

ENTPs are turned off by people who express an obvious ignorance in their personality. They crave knowledge and enjoy being able to communicate with open-minded people. If someone is completely ignorant and incapable of opening their mind to new experiences, the ENTP will be very turned off by this. They enjoy pushing buttons and stretching the limits, and the ENTP cannot do this with someone who is willfully ignorant.


ISFJ- Lack of Manners

ISFJs dislike rude people who lack proper manners. To them acting appropriate in all situations is a way of showing that you respect and care for others. Someone who doesn’t use manners and show respect for others is a huge turn off for ISFJs. They enjoy polite and kind people who actually consider the feelings of others and are capable of communicating properly.

ESFJ- Coldness

ESFJs enjoy warmth and are often repelled by someone who treats them coldly. A person who acts as if they are better than others and shows complete disinterest, is completely unattractive to ESFJs. They are turned off by someone who treats them poorly or aggressively. They enjoy tenderness and kindness, which makes a cold person rather unappealing to an ESFJ.

ISTJ- Flightiness

ISTJs enjoy reliability and will often be turned off by someone who is flighty. If a person doesn’t seem aware of their surroundings or what it means to be socially appropriate, the ISTJ will become quickly disinterested. They are turned off by silly or clueless people and enjoy serious intellectually driven individuals.

ESTJ- Messiness

ESTJs are turned off by clutter and mess, and will often be grossed out by an individual who doesn’t maintain themselves. Someone who is sloppy and all over the place is really unattractive to ESTJs. They are often drawn to people who can be a bit spontaneous and out there, but dislike if someone cannot clean up after themselves.


ISTP- Clingy Behavior

ISTPs are extremely turned off by clingy behavior and insecurities. They enjoy their freedom and dislike if someone attempts to control them or fawn all over them. They enjoy people who are confident in themselves and know exactly what they want. If someone is clingy and incapable of leaving them be, the ISTP will become very turned off by this behavior.

ESTP- Dullness

ESTPs dislike people who are boring and incapable of keeping them entertained. Someone who is too readily available to them all of the time, is going to be very unattractive to an ESTP. They crave excitement and enjoy people who can keep them guessing. If someone is dull and cannot keep the ESTP intrigued they will be instantly turned off by this person.

ISFP- Cruelty

ISFPs are tender individuals who truly dislike cruelty and dishonesty. If someone is harsh or mean to the ISFP, they will be completely turned off by this behavior. ISFPs will also be disgusted by someone who is mean to other people and especially animals or children. They enjoy people are kind and complex and are displeased by cruelty and hatred.

ESFP- Aloofness

ESFPs despise being ignored and will often be turned off by someone who attempts to take their spotlight. Being ignored is one of the biggest turn offs of an ESFP and they will quickly become frustrated with this person. ESFPs enjoy excitement and intrigue and will also be turned off by anyone who is too boring or self-centered.

The Biggest Turn On For Each Personality Type

The Biggest Personality Turn On For Each Personality Type

The physical qualities that each person finds attractive cannot be traced back to their personality type. Everyone finds different physical traits appealing and these things are entirely subjective. Although physical traits may not be type related, personality traits that each Personality type finds attractive are. Here are the personality traits that will turn each Personality type on the most.



INFJs are drawn to intelligence and they want their partners to favor intelligence as well. To an INFJ someone with an intricate and thoughtful mind, is extremely attractive. The combination of intelligence and a great sense of humor is kind of like catnip to an INFJ. They find themselves extremely turned on by someone who is witty and well-spoken. Everyone is attracted to different physical traits, but INFJs are often more drawn to the internal aspects of a person. They may find themselves very turned on by someone who knows how to make them laugh and impress them with their rhetoric.

ENFJ- Effort

ENFJs are often very attracted to someone who expresses effort. The little things that people do to show affection will often leave the ENFJ completely enamored by someone. The sexiest thing to an ENFJ is someone who goes out of their to express their desire for the ENFJ. A sense of effort and kindness is one of the most attractive qualities to this personality type.

INFP- Imagination

INFPs are often very attracted to someone who expresses a deep sense of imagination. They also find themselves very turned on by confidence and inner strength. A person who knows how to conduct themselves in an assured and determined manner, will often leave the INFP very intrigued. Someone who is capable of standing up for themselves is a huge turn on for most INFPs. When someone knows what they believe in and stands by that, it is definitely an INFPs weakness.

ENFP- Individuality

ENFPs love someone who shows a sense of individuality and independence. A person who has their own dreams and desires is going to be completely intriguing to an ENFP. They also find themselves turned on by someone who has a strong sense of mystery and even aloofness. A free-spirited person who is often in their own world, is a huge turn on to the ENFP. They often like the sense of a challenge and enjoy putting forth effort to get to know someone. If it comes too easy the ENFP might find that person boring or like they lack a sense of uniqueness.


INTJ- Uniqueness

INTJs are very attracted to people who are a mystery to them. They are completely turned off by someone who is boring or shallow, so someone unique is very sexy to an INTJ. A person with complex thoughts and actions will often leave an INTJ completely intrigued. They often dislike someone who doesn’t show confidence in their actions, and admire someone who knows what they want. Unpredictability is actually a big turn on for INTJs because they love someone who can keep them thinking and pique their curiosity.

ENTJ- Competence

ENTJs are extremely turned on by a strong sense of confidence. Someone who is independent and goes for what they want is one of the most attractive qualities to an ENTJ. They enjoy someone who is capable of taking charge and will often enjoy someone who comes onto them first. Confidence is one of the biggest weaknesses of an ENTJ, and they enjoy a competent individual.

INTP- Understanding

INTPs are often very attracted to someone who is capable of understanding them. INTPs often have a thought process that can be challenging to follow and they find themselves very attracted to someone who is capable of following them. INTPs dislike being bored, which means they are often turned on by someone who shakes things up. A person who knows how to be spontaneous and push their buttons often causes an INTP be extremely attracted to those qualities.

ENTP- Passion

ENTPs often find themselves turned on by someone who is capable of expressing themselves with a strong sense of passion. They enjoy an intense individual who can spark their interest without much effort. ENTPs are very attracted to independent thinkers who know what they want and are capable of expressing that. They dislike people who shy away from struggle and will often be turned off by closed-mindedness.


ISFJ- Assertiveness

ISFJs are often turned on by someone who knows how to take charge of a situation. Someone with a calm sense of assertiveness is very attractive to an ISFJ. They enjoy people who are capable of expressing themselves without being too pushy or controlling. ISFJs enjoy people who are capable of intriguing them with their intellect and sense of confidence.

ESFJ- Body Language

ESFJs are very centered around peoples ability to portray their emotions. They are often very turned on by someone who is very physically expressive. Someone who is good with their body language will leave an ESFJ extremely intrigued and turned on. Someone who is open and honest is also extremely attractive to an ESFJ.

ISTJ- Trust

ISTJs prefer reliability when it comes to people and are often more attracted to a strong sense of trust. A person who seems to know themselves very well and is capable of keeping the ISTJ interested, is a big turn on for them. ISTJs find themselves most attracted to someone who makes them feel safe and comfortable. They can be very modest and personal about their sexual desires, and will only be drawn to someone who makes them feel at ease.

ESTJ- Confidence

ESTJs are attracted to someone who is confident and self-assured. They are often turned on by someone who knows their own worth and attractiveness. ESTJs like to be the one to take charge of a situation, and often enjoy a good challenge. Even though the ESTJ likes to take charge, they enjoy someone who is confident in themselves and knows what they want.


ISTP- Openness

ISTPs are often turned on by someone who is open about sex and what they desire. They enjoy someone who is calm and comfortable talking about things with them. People who hold back and are dishonest are often uninteresting to ISTPs. People who are direct and at ease with themselves often turn an ISTP on very much. If someone is capable of taking charge and going for what they want, it will often be very attractive to the ISTP.

ESTP- Aloofness

ESTPs often enjoy the thrill of the chase and dislike anything that comes too easy. Neediness is one of the biggest turn offs for an ESTP, and often makes someone unattractive to them. Someone who is completely aloof and in their own world is often extremely intriguing to an ESTP. They enjoy someone who doesn’t seem completely eager and easy to get.

ISFP- Tenderness

ISFPs are often turned on by a sense of tenderness and warmth in a person. If someone is capable of expressing themselves to the ISFP in an inviting way, they will be very attracted to that quality. ISFPs dislike aggression and are often put off strongly by people who possess angry qualities. They are most turned on by a tender and sensual individual.

ESFP- Excitement

ESFPs crave excitement and are often very turned on by someone who is spontaneous. They are attracted to people who are courageous and strong-willed. A person who does not give up and is capable of being assertive will often be very appealing to an ESFP. ESFPs dislike being bored and will often be very turned on by someone who knows how to mix things up for them.

A Love Letter To Each Myers-Briggs Personality Type, From An ENFP Who Adores You


You absolutely light up people’s lives, and you don’t even seem to notice yourself doing it. On the best days life is an adventure with you, and on the worst days you’re right down in the trenches alongside the people you love. Nothing is ever strange enough, intense enough or twisted enough to scare you off. Your emotional intensity and depth is matched only by your seemingly impossible optimism, and everyone you love is so much better off for having you in their lives.


Your mind is quite possibly one of the most fascinating and entertaining places on earth. You are the deepest, most beautiful well of compassion and creativity and emotional resilience, all rolled into one impossibly cool, humble human being. Nobody who is loved by you will ever have to know what it feels like to be unloved or alone. You are as deeply creative as you are sharply intelligent and everyone who knows you well is more in awe of you than you will ever know.


The fact that someone as sharp and intellectual as you can also be unbelievably selfless, devoted and loving as you are seems, well, downright unbelievable at times. Your mind is the kind of place people get lost in, and never want to find their way back out of. You see the world in such a holistic way and you inspire us all with your insight, devotion and emotional strength. Everyone who is loved by you is truly, unequivocally lucky to have you in their lives!


Holy moly, HOW do you do that thing you do? You know – the thing where you’re the kindest, wisest, most together human being on earth, and simultaneously NEVER ask for praise or recognition? You are an absolute inspiration to everyone around you, but even more than that, you are everyone’s soft place to fall – and you are more loved for it than you could ever possibly begin to understand. Please never change! We’re all looking up to you, always.


ARE YOU EVEN HUMAN? No, wait – I’m not calling you a robot! I’m calling you a wise, all-knowing sage who seems to have walked straight out of a fantasy novel into the real world. Your mind functions on an entirely different plane than the rest of ours and hearing what you have to say turns out to be life-altering, approximately 99{67b9dc46c2005a2d6d0dc9e883ab6bdb9c47365a25e8ad24adf59fc11de2db4a} of the time. Please never stop learning, analyzing, interpreting and sharing your understanding with the rest of us! The world needs so many more of you!


Honestly, it should straight-up be illegal to be both as motivated and as intelligent as you are. HOW IS THAT FAIR TO THE REST OF US? You’ve got your shit together and you also somehow manage to be an incredible friend, mentor and family member to the people you love. You’re 100{67b9dc46c2005a2d6d0dc9e883ab6bdb9c47365a25e8ad24adf59fc11de2db4a} reliable and you’re hella fun company to boot – for someone as focused as you, you have a killer sense of humor and are just straight-up awesome to be around. Keep kicking ass and taking names! We’re all looking up to you in awe.


Hot damn, that is one sexy brain you’ve got there. You somehow manage to be one of the most intellectually complex human beings ever created, but also possess an impressive emotional range and can be so unexpectedly sweet to the people you love. What I’m saying is, stop it. We’re all obsessed with you. You’re just so effortlessly cool and honestly, it’s pretty damn unfair.


I wish that your mind was a physical library that I could go and get lost in forever. There is NOTHING more fascinating than hearing what’s going on inside your head, because it’s every bit as brilliant as it is bizarre. You have never had a single dull or commonplace thought in your life and it’s unbelievably refreshing. Keep being your brilliant, unconventional self – we’re all in absolute awe of your intellect and the world needs so many more of you!


You know that thing where you absolutely BOWL PEOPLE OVER with love? NEVER EVER STOP that. You are the most genuinely open-hearted, adventurous, accepting, encouraging, compassionate kind of human being and it’s borderline impossible to understand how you even manage to give that much to others on a daily basis, while simultaneously just being so much cooler and more ballin’ than the rest of us. Stop it, right now – you’re making the rest of us look bad. (But like don’t stop it, ever).


You know that incredibly artistic, creative, effortlessly cool but also endlessly compassionate person that everyone wants to be? Yeah, that person modeled themselves after you. Because you are all of that, times ten. You are a mystifying, fascinating creature, and others can’t help but be drawn to you. Never, ever stop sharing your creativity and compassion with the rest of us – we all wish we were you, but since we aren’t, we’re just so damn happy we know you!


I actually have trouble understanding that someone as genuinely caring and nurturing and selfless as you actually exists. But no, seriously. Every time I meet one of you I’m BOWLED OVER by how much you deeply, genuinely CARE about people in a way that seems borderline impossible. I wish you could give literally everyone else in the world lessons on how to be more like you (including me! I want lessons!). Add that to how you’re this super down-to-earth, super together human being and URGH. NEVER change!! You’re just unbelievable in the best way imaginable.


DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH THE PEOPLE IN YOUR LIFE APPRECIATE YOU? No seriously, do you? Because there is not a single person you love who is not INCREDIBLY lucky to have you in their lives. You’re the most mature, put-together, selfless, nurturing, no-nonsense, down-to-earth, energetic, wonderful bundle of sunshine (but also seriousness!) that anyone could ever ask for. You are a TOP NOTCH friend/partner/parent/sibling/boss/teacher/companion and don’t you dare, for a second, believe anything to the contrary! We are all in awe of you. We love you. Never leave us.


WELL LOOK AT YOU, just casually being the coolest damn human being on the planet, with a side serving of hilarity, brilliance and charm. Is there a single person who knows you who doesn’t wish they were you? Probably not. We’d hate you for being so effortlessly awesome if you weren’t so damn likable. I’d go on, but let’s be serious – I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know!


I could talk to you for the next one thousand years and never be bored for a second – although I know I’d drive you insane ten minutes in. Your intelligence is massively underrated by the MBTI (and society in general). You are one of the most practical yet simultaneously analytical thinkers who has ever existed. Plus that soft side that you secretly have? Powerful shit right there. Don’t ever stop being the hilarious, analytical, independent badass that you are. We’re all a little perplexed and a lot intrigued by you.


You would think that someone as driven, intelligent and put-together as you wouldn’t also be a ton of fun to be around – but ALAS ESTJ, you prove us all wrong! You know how to get ROWDY but you’re also one of the most accomplished people any of us have ever met. Not to mention, you’re possibly the most reliable human being who exists. What I’m saying is, we’re all just crazy glad we know you. You’re an irreplaceable person in every single sense of the word, and your loved ones are unbelievably lucky to have you in their lives!


LET’S TAKE A HOT SECOND to talk about how you manage to be the most practical and down-to-earth person alive, while also having an incredible sense of morality and an undying devotion to everyone you love. HOW DO ALL THOSE TRAITS CO-EXIST? It seems impossible. But there you are, possessing them all! Please never stop being the person that all of us rely on and trust. When you feel unappreciated, know that the world as we know it would absolutely crumble without you. And everyone who loves you knows it!

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